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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 01:30

MHP butler Resignation

MHP butler Resignation
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MHP MHP Usak Province Organization Board of Directors and former parliamentary candidate Emine Yıldırım, has announced that MHP resign.

Uşak news: MHP Usak Province Organization Board of Directors and the MHP former parliamentary candidate Emine Yıldırım, MHP's resignation is announced.
MHP within 5 years in various positions reminiscent of the Emine Yıldırım, said in a statement,"Politics on the scene MHP Staff and entering city politics and social life adding color to what people around me discourse I gained the impression with the can say. Yet at this point the Nationalist Movement Party in our town almost someone hegemony is delivered to see what really upsets me. nation, my, hometown, the bread I ate a flavor of the meat, I got a lot me I owe our city of Usak and O ' s to serve his people with the love I get out of this blessed journey I chose the party's executives that my situation insisted, ignoring me deeply wounded. Nationalist Movement Party Butler almost a few people egomanyak abandoned at I am thinking. MHP Headquarters come and examine in situ instead of always the same names taking reports misguided to turn a blind eye I am convinced that,"he said.
Fixing that in and of itself lead to resignation wrong also mentioned the Lightning,"Over the past seats before the general elections deputy candidate determination in the process, again after the elections congress in the process, finally, these local for election candidates for mayor determining in the process of these errors clearly that there I think. Nations to serve policy makers in the party want to serve those not permitted, blind, deaf mutually welcomes the logic of the sadness that observation I have been. these thoughts and feelings within the city and to the nation to serve the possibility can not find, or the possibility persistently stripped away, I thought nationalist Movement Party politics in the making of a very significant finding for my party, I am resigning from. our country really want to serve the people the opportunity and allowing political formations as soon regain their wishes with you, and Usak to the public offer my respect, my policy is about 5 years proudly declare my resignation from the Nationalist Movement Party,"he said.

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