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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:52

MHP Chairman Ali Güngör Nigde Province ;

MHP Chairman Ali Güngör Nigde Province ;
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MHP Chairman Ali Güngör in Nigde , Nigde with board members serving met with representatives of the local and national press .

Niğde news: At a press conference held at The Gardener
MHP President Ali Güngör, Nigde agenda of the country and on the assessment found .
Turkey on the agenda include Gungor said,'As is well known ; During the AKP government in many areas of our country have gone back , with the resulting gains or republic has been destroyed , or has been damaged to a great extent . With this power , the country's huge industrial organizations to keep the coastal , forest assets , has sold everything from mineral deposits . In contrast, citizens were impoverished citizens in need to get help from the state number has increased exponentially . A large proportion of citizens living below the poverty line as they struggle ; Minister kids , brother of the groom and his followers in short , they gave wealth to wealth . In this process of corruption exposed and output. To secure themselves against a legal ruling forces took advantage of the enacted laws unconstitutional . On the other hand , with elements of the separatist terrorist state sitting at a table to negotiate compromise they were undermining the prestige of the state . With an initiative process bragging inactivating the security forces against the terrorists gave courage to the terrorists . In some provinces of the east and southeast of the state authority has been undermined to a large extent . Citizens were literally at the mercy of terrorist organizations .
Opening with nonsense , given huge concessions to separatist terrorist elements , the terrorist organization has little every day azdık requesting more concessions . State bloody terrorist organization and its leader Abdullah Ocalan baby killer sited on the table , dishonor adopted , the state has been undermined as never before . Terrorist leader almost became a hero of democracy and freedom . The dividers less well with the concessions , has broken new pretext riot rehearsal , flags were burnt, people killed , government agencies , banks, businesses were looted . Aciziyet ruling against it dropped to a complete secret negotiations , with concessions on top of concessions are given . At the same time these events as an excuse , even to create an authoritarian government was put in place to make legal arrangements .
Country during the AKP government , has suffered great damage in all areas . In this process, what is holding the nation together as if they all national values ​​, or attacked , or insulted and either has or anlamsızlaştırıl . Burned our flag , our National Anthem rendered illegible in many places , T:C:expression abolished , insulting Ataturk everywhere have become legitimate , ANDI , etc. We removed National mortar dissolved the country divided on the brink of was .
Citizen's , dropped into the living struggling with the problems and created fear and oppression climate impact by now, the sound is cut .
However, the MHP and the Turkish nationalists , all of these events are closely monitored. To drive without doors , play the game before , there needs to be said when it comes to location and time will tell , of course . Let no one be concerned that the country is not vacant .
This collaborative Now , it's time to put an end to the ignoble era is approaching . Turkey must win . Turkish flag will wave forever . Turkish nation will reach the level of deserved to live in dignity . This way the MHP power passes through the'
MHP Nigde province and district organizations in his new assignment with the union of consciousness in a new zeal and determination election that is preparing to Gungor:'MHP Nigde organization , our goal as required Parliament to our country , both at the local level in our province , the to give the best service , with the ability to represent the highest level of qualified, hard working staff deserve the success we prepare to catch the elections .
unfortunately, this ruling period Nigde support and service we did not receive deserved . Unopened new jobs , new investments made ​​, promises remain mere rhetoric , the city has stagnated . This 12-year period, the share of national income in Nigde , increased , as has decreased by 12 percent . In this respect, to development and to develop , select and send to vote alone is not enough. Qualified , visionary politicians Nigde and services are needed to burning with passion ,'he said .

MHP Chairman Ali Güngör Nigde Province ;" comments for.


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