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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 16:35

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli Notes

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MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli , \"Erdogan, undermines foreign policy , Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was forced select as his successor ,\"he said .

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli , \"Erdogan, undermines foreign policy , Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was forced select as his successor ,\"he said .
Garden Party held a press conference at the headquarters , elected Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's elected president on August 10 , although repulsive , offensive , degrading and cepheleştiric maintain the same style , he said. Presidential formalized Erdogan's Constitution, Article 101 should be guilty of an offense that advocates Garden, \"the aforementioned provision of the Constitution in the past'elected'wording inauguration interpreted as that you can not pro-propaganda and statements of the law is taken seriously on one side there is ,\"he said .
Garden, the election of the President of the exact result on August 15 announced , although published in Official Gazette the stage are not yet fulfilled , indicating Garden,\"this reservation neglect and delay It is understood that a clear intention . Erdogan and ordered the puppet and slave bureaucrats laws with a cavalier disregard , Official Gazette immoral and publicly embargo suggests \"he said .
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's\"Prime Minister \"authorities immediately to discharge that you need a garden ,\"Everyone I warn , Turkey Republic of unarmed civilians and is facing a coup . Erdogan Constitution actually has suspended , \"he said .
President Abdullah Gul at the farewell reception \"Our flank made ​​quite disrespectful there \"in the direction of evaluating explanations Garden, said:\"Erdogan's favor kalemşörlük and müfterilik that the new wavers of the attack Mr Gul , who are exposed to insult and a little longer stand upright, with parting shots with Turkey should be .'Our flank saw disrespect rather than saying'whining Mr. Rose should be put under his hand . Mr. Abdullah Gül , October 31, 1989 , the late Prime Minister Ozal 8.Cumhurbaşk new era selected after a day instead of parallel to the assignment should take a step . \"
Garden, under the conditions prevailing in Turkey-party state step by step towards drifting and the Prime Minister himself next government and party structure designed , he said. garden ,\"Erdogan's foreign policy , Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu forced undermines his successor was set.'Intra-party consultations are operated'by saying their decision is approved by everyone . In the meantime, on August 28 after the AKP would return describing Mr. Gul , Erdogan gunmen appetite with the attacks breeding and manners are , \"he said .
Garden reserve , the\"Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister , the general presidential and parliamentary leaving the clear crime operates . It is composed of a political junta , \"he said .
\"Erdogan'< strong> No need to look far for the next PRIME MINISTER \"
loaded in the Prime Minister's Adviser Yalcin Akdogan Garden, \"Since this person is an expert AK Party , since it is the roadmap of the AK Party , inasmuch as all those who contributed to the establishment of the AK Party is setting is effective enough to give ; Prime Minister Erdogan after that time there is no need to look far . Erdogan, Davutoglu rather than wasting time , the seal should be given to the consultant ; no special items , special adviser , sees as private secretary to the prime minister must deliver this new enough , \"he said .
\" PARTY DISPUTE stuck in the deep cracks \"
AK Party'indicating that the waters settle Garden, \"Backstage , lobbies , privileged environment of the intervention , the seat failed to see anything other than the cynical eye of the storm on the horizon is a harbinger of colluding . Displaying true that he is, caught in the vortex of the AK Party , division , faction , strife , disagreement , hostility is tucked away in the deep cracks . Thereafter, the balance of the AK Party , order and harmony can not be considered to remain within . Erdogan, Prime escape from the claims about the obsolete stay would not allow , \"he said.
Garden, Diyarbakir s town of Lice Yolçatı in the village last year commissioned the PKK cemetery erected Mahsun Korkmaz statue evaluating , \"Sadly , on August 10 Erdogan issued every vote Diyarbakır-Lice Yolçatı in the village terrorist statue mortar has been ,\"he said .
Lice in the events of terrorists opened fire as a result of martyrs sergeant Ugur Inal and Van Saray district of the Turkey-Iran border line patrolling Yamanyurt border patrol under the Commander of military time by the PKK ambush , killed Lieutenant Emre hang their families , guns friends expressed its condolences .
\"soldiers first bullet in the terrorist's statue with spines and response in the face of difficult to break down remaining the same road passenger\"stated that the Garden, said:\"for 4 days, sewn , standing out of the sky in fall from bloody statue Erdogan was not crispy , the AK Party was not any criticism from the outside provocation is done . PKK as thorns statue , erected the sail that is common to the crime . Statue of overthrowing one should not think that would be saved, and will save the state . From our perspective, that statue of betrayal , who , who built and constructed MCPC that allow for the procession to the AK Party in the eyes of the nation once and treachery before the law has kept the dish . August 5, 2014 , dated AGE meeting disbanded Diyarbakir 2nd Air Force Command from the garden of 9 June 2014 day flag lowering dishonesty fortunately , terrorist statue is the same . \"
\"Lice statues first martyrs Suleyman Aydin once again massacred \"speaking as a garden ,\"Lice bloody rose sculpture , the Turkish nation has fallen, Turkey has stumbled . Erdogan's home affairs concerned with the parallel track to take the time valal Where is facing ? \"He said.
Garden, Turkey's opposition is not new , refurbished and the new national government needs to be voiced . Prime Minister Erdogan's crisis had produced advocating Garden, \"Forensic year's opening ceremony, participating in requirement to put the opposition and their relations established on how crippled approach , Çankaya , despite still under construction the new Prime Minister of the building walking around less watch a lot of ways in which the tip about offers , \"he said.
Terror ötgüt Isidor officially the borders of Turkey at the bottom of massacre, stating that the Garden,\"Peshmerga management and the PKK , ışid'l fighting under the guise of global aiding and abetting as a result of a legal guise wrapped to is . Even the removal of the PKK terrorist organization list, even occupying the agenda . These developments Kurdistan for the establishment of strategic and death , founded upon the tartar is a design, \"he said .
Garden,\"It is clear , Iraq's political structure design and regional planning from scratch for the execution Isidor appointed , paved , bloodshed was tembihlen . Innocent lives of regional scenarios as filling material is used , \"he said .
\" GERMAN the intelligence TURKEY Yi ROOF ROOF Listening \"
Muslims for the induction indicating that little time remained Garden, \"Turkey swamp to attract regional and global strategic nightmare inventor working on for dear life , such a period, the possibility of living in the Prime Minister's office is unfortunate for our country . Erdogan, Turkey's national security walls washed with strategic disaster is one of the Prime Minister , will be a strategic failure . Germany is Turkey's intelligence agency even while listening to roof the roof , inside our outside of our founding countries with insects being enveloped order to talk about ignorance , if not , you know it is malicious intention , \"he said.

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