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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:17

MHP Chairman of the Central District of common sense in the Call

MHP Chairman of the Central District of common sense in the Call
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Due to the events across the country , which calls for citizens to be discreet MHP Central District President Ali Osman Kurdish Kastamonu Turkey's surrender to terrorism and separatist ambitions , he said.

Kastamonu news:
MHP Central District Chairman Kurdish Bingöl Police Chief Atalay Ürker the resulting chaos and terrorism control , whereas heinous terrorist attacks encountered recalling, \"Attack on Deputy Police Chief Cited Falcon and Commissioner Hussein Hall at the scene were killed . attack unnerved and protection Ugur on horseback were injured. Police Chief Atalay Ürker the case is heavy. done bitch attacks condemn . Wire filled . martyrs pain in our hearts have been calculated . wounded our hope soon healed , \"he said .
\"Everyone should know , Turkey on terrorism and separatist aspirations will not be delivered , \"said Kurdish , \"Turkey's peace and well-being hostage taking , social resistance strongly filed the four-piece Kurdistan path opened, thinking that once again the ax hits the rock will . our citizens calmly, coolly within the framework of patience and maturity from the line of separation is the most It is our priority recommendations and requests . Pebble ethnic spark to what it would cost , lurking divider and the fate of the thousand-year partnership brotherhood queued to know how to hit, and is difficult to see . Brothers fight to remove the last of our country to hell from head to toe like appetite for violence will not be trump . If it is in unity and solidarity to overcome the bad days to do , social peace and stability will be restored . The Prime Minister and the government , increasing and out of control in a matter of violence incidents against each measure , respectively, will prudence, wisdom and courage to be able to show , \"he said .
The Republic of Turkey's terrorists toys and neighboring geographies instability receiver that explain how the MHP Central District President Ali Kurdish Osman , said:
\"bankruptcy of Turkey , would lead to civil war and ethnic polarization in each trap , each series and sneaky operations against the Nationalist Movement Party is prepared . Prime Minister Davutoglu, \"Kobani'nin we'll protect the law \"memorizes very urgent leaving Turkey's rights, law , defense and national security interests and should be kept . We are very clear warning , the AK Party government, Turkey's national and strategic objectives remain insensitive , if the process is already finished and buried betrayal will inevitably be solved if you continue to give oxygen . God, our country , as traitors ,'from within us beyinsizler look, and homeland to the concept of blind personal fortune bless those who give up the asset \"

MHP Chairman of the Central District of common sense in the Call" comments for.


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