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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:59

MHP Deputy Chairman of Demirel \"terror\"Description of

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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) Ruhsar Vice President Demirel spoke on Kobani'nin support actions .

Eskişehir news:
\"Collective Intelligence to the Crimea Workshop\"Demirel who participated in the program experienced prior to the press Kobani'nin support actions across the country and the accompanying comments made about the event . Ayn al-Arab based on the common sense of the people on the street who invited an expression that needs Demirel , it is easy to invite people to common sense , he said. MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli last few years, insisted that \"The streets were dark . Every street a square can not be opened , but every square opens onto the street . Resulting in regular meetings with our problem , let us explain to the streets Let's not say,\"voicing Demirel , \"But I do not understand , in this country from anarchy , chaos chaos, hope to benefit from and thus take the lead , believing perhaps some people's attitude compromises that people have. these people every pleasure as he wishes people on the street invites they in this country, no time stability , peace, tranquility does not bring . together, we want to move a group of human beings . 75 million human beings. 3 units mind prior to the street exit also by a group of young children on the street spills and their demise one does not approve of . today Ayn al-Arabi would cause , but tomorrow it's something else. Look, we are here today to the Crimea have a meeting . Turkey'a lot of them Folded citizens have . never out into the street in Crimea injustices to protest did not think . We halls we gather because we purposes democracy , if the purpose of human rights , if the purpose of people's universal rights of living may be eligible mAlArIysA such meetings, your voice can announce . Very easy to get to the street . Remove everyone on the street , but the street , nobody knows what will happen . Unprotected streets , streets are dangerous for children . Moreover Eskişehir and a half years ago, has witnessed the death of a teenager on the streets . These are not pleasant things , \"he said .
\" TABLE BUT WE THE PEOPLE can invite \"
\"Which idea , regardless of all the citizens of the Republic of Turkey . Please leave death , injury, even one not desire something that , \"said Demirel , said continued:
\"So people on the street who invited ben mind I invite conscience invite , mercy invite . Their life will lose nothing might not be for him, such blatantly could not speak but we, the Turkish nation on the integrity of those who believe the government's continuity , believing our country indivisible integrity strives to people, we lose the value to be there . We do not invite people to the streets . We invite people to the table , but , but we would like to invite conversation and consultation . Hall meetings we do , our problem we can talk . \"
\" PEOPLE STREET invites condemn \"
in neighboring countries of human rights violations is very important , but people on the street calling also violation of rights made ​​claims that Demirel \"of course human rights violations in neighboring countries is very important, but also inviting people to the streets does not make a rights violation ? The lives of other people's children go, they sit in glass houses as adjutants take instructions from someone phones me they do not organize them ? They mesajlaşırk phones , the hand of the children dying in the street . They do not upset them ever did ? It's unwise , so there is nothing of conscience so heartless . Precious of all the people of the Republic of Turkey . All very valuable for the Nationalist Movement Party . Who will wind up where this work should extend a hand if you get there , but the poor mind of such movements , it increased by unideaed decisions streets to invite people via Twitter , their stuff is not acceptable . Today Ayn al-Arab, was broken yesterday . Who said what? For the Turkmen who said what ? Did inviting street ? Is it only lives there ? I stayed at the Ayn al-Arab population of approximately 200 thousand to 130 thousand in Turkey anyway . The remaining are said to have already stayed there to fight . It is your own choice . If you want to preserve their land , if he wants to fight him, \"Come up to Turkey \"can not say . But for the war in the territory of another country in order to transfer weapons to use Turkey to think about the integrity of a country , a country about how to manage Abileceğiyle foolishness is getting steep . One can not invite people to the streets , we condemn it , \"he said.

MHP Deputy Chairman of Demirel \"terror\"Description of" comments for.


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