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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2014, Cuma 10:24

MHP Deputy Chairman of the Turkes, Party Politics of the Middle East Announces Document

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Nationalist Movement Party ( MHP) Chairman Tutorial Tugrul Turkes, \"Our party ; Firstly the interior of Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East of all Turkish citizens and public order believes that salvation should focus on .

Ankara news: Everywhere and always the first priority public safety , \"he said .
MHP Deputy Chairman of the Turke ,\"Nationalist Movement Party's Middle East Policy Document on \"making a written statement \"of Turkey's agenda'Ayn al-Arab'('Kopani'or'Compagnie') the issue was occupied nowadays Nationalist Movement Party's official Middle East policy with the public would like to share , \"he said.
Party , the Middle East of all states to territorial integrity , unity and border security said he believes the Turke , you said:
\"our party ; Middle East peace , tranquility and stability will serve only the values ​​of democracy, human rights and believes in the principles of the rule of law .
Our party ; Of the peoples of the Middle East free from the domination of radical ideology with respect to the legitimate democratic demands are sensitive and vulnerable .
Our party ; No matter who is held hostage in the region, all authoritarian and totalitarian approaches, trends and procedures in opposition.
our party ; Our neighboring Iraq, Syria and Iran are in favor of the territorial integrity and unity . In this sense, such unity could damage the whole enterprise and embodiments, the opposition is . \"
Party of Turkey's national interests that threaten all religious, linguistic , sectarian and ethnic group-based terror focus to combat any need believes that record Turkes , continued:
\"our party ; Who are exposed to the cruelty of war in Iraq and Syria and identity-belonging to every human being regardless of Turkey to extend a helping hand to the right and necessary .
Our party ; escaping from the destructiveness of war and the people who took refuge in Turkey after a rigorous inspection only at border crossings ( the collection of biometric data , etc. . ) is in favor of granting permission to enter the country .
our party ; A war that shook Iraq and Syria believes that international problems . The international nature of the problem , the solution will be brought to the necessity of international reveals . In this sense, the issue of asylum seekers financial burden should be shared through the United Nations believes that .
Our party ; Turkey's position in NATO is not to be undermined as it is today , is to strengthen the spectators . The present government's missteps in this area of our allies legitimate and illegal informal group considers that it is conducive to dialogue with .
Our party ; Isidor threat for different reasons and General Chairman of State since 2008 , as stated Bahceli outside of Turkey a'Safe Zone'proposes the establishment . Said'Safe Zone NATO or the international coalition under the auspices of the need to think . \"
Turkes, MHP , in Turkmen population in the presence of the security , peace and prosperity is based on noting that said:
\"Government and in the press in the eyes of this or that group-oriented and applied to be to the detriment of the Turkmen'positive discrimination'rejects . The difficulties experienced by the Turkmen population has suffered systematic persecution suffered considerable suffering and those who stubbornly and persistently reminds find . The torture and brutality of the Turkmen considers self-made . Turkmen solidarity with the formation and organization will offer to move to more advanced stages . Our party ; Isidor and'Ayn al-Arab'('Breakaway'new'or'Compagnie') rather than a matter of prospective concerns about Iran's nuclear program is concerned . A nuclear Iran would threaten stability in the region and Turkey in the international arena in this direction should express their concerns to think in a voice louder .
Our party ; Government's'Brotherhood'indexed does not find the correct execution of an ideological foreign policy . It is essential, Turkey's national interests and universal human rights and democratic principles is to follow a policy in line . Our party ; A free and independent state for the Palestinian people , which recognizes and defends the right until the end . Gaza , Ramallah's active defense of normalizing our relations with Israel and Egypt now believe . In this context-although significant disagreements , though-our ambassador to both Israel and Egypt feel they should return to their place of employment . Our party ; Turkey issues of the day , but a realistic long-term strategy regarding the establishment and operation of government the need to believe in your mind . Our party ; Firstly the interior of Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East of all Turkish citizens and public order believes that salvation should focus on . Everywhere and always the first priority is the safety of the community . \"

MHP Deputy Chairman of the Turkes, Party Politics of the Middle East Announces Document" comments for.


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