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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:49

MHP Kömürspor Delegation Visit to Success

MHP Kömürspor Delegation Visit to Success
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Regional Amateur League is struggling Kömürsp Zonguldak, MHP has hosted the delegation.

Zonguldak news: Regional Amateur League is struggling Kömürsp Zonguldak, MHP has hosted the delegation.
MHP Zonguldak Chairman Hamdi Ayan, MHP Central District President Ahmet Martyr, MHP Zonguldak Mayor candidate Gürkan Gulay, MHP Women's Wing President Mevlüde Yalçıner and the party BAL League struggling Zonguldak Kömürspor visited.
Speaking during the visit MHP Mayor candidate Gürkan Gulay,"Zonguldakspor this challenging in the struggle I wish you success. Zonguldakspor the uniform of sweat Having once Zonguldakspor our best we will do here as president of both the board of directors as we promise. But Zonguldakspor save the day needs but also fixed income is the need. Zonguldakspor Board of Directors and president, which challenges this team is trying to take what they know best. Allah grant is 30 March 2014 at the Mayor's seat when Zonguldakspor professional league to remove the residual fixed income, a municipality with gift will. Hopefully Zonguldakspor well deserved place loyal gunners will come out with. I thank them,"he said.
Zonguldakspor Chairman Suleyman Caner the"MHP delegation we have visited. Gentle visits, I thank. election process Insha Allah heart gives according to. Thanks We are. Supports are welcome,"he said.
MHP IR s Chairman Hamdi Ayan"This is the day Mayor candidate we think such a thing was. Zonguldakspor management and players to come together with the idea was. We also glad we came. Here primarily the club president, and thank the management and I want to congratulate. Zonguldakspor in the league leaders did. Hopefully season until the end of such a finish. because Zonguldak and the audience it deserves. Zonguldak a great community it is. Fitness and economy runs parallel,"he said .

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