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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:55

MHP leader Bahceli Wise People comment

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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli , regarding the Board of Wise People , \"is not going to give a result .

Antalya news: These delaying tactics . Turkey does not have the time to spend on them . They also do not need , \"he said .
Party Manavgat Sueno hotel's mayors conference closing participating in the Chairman Devlet Bahçeli , then MHP Belt Municipality Goynuk neighborhood gym opening ceremony was attended . Speaking here Garden, since two days in Antalya said they were in a meeting with the mayor .
MHP won the conduct visits to municipalities voicing Garden, \"our meeting was held with the participation of high . MHP's municipal services are evaluated, those made ​​so far will be made ​​in the future by establishing a relationship between the mayor will do our studies have demonstrated more effective . In the meantime, we visited Alanya Municipality . Today Belt're delighted to visit the mayor . Municipal our visit and this beautiful resort at the opening ceremony of MHP presidency , the center of our board members and deputies our're together , \"he said .
'Belt to the people which party whatsoever MHP shown favor to thank and grateful to the Garden, \"mayoral elections high which contributed president and board of county MHP and the case I would like to express my appreciation to my friends . In the second period, since the MHP who have demonstrated commitment to maintain municipal services Mustafa Gul and I offer our congratulations to the members of the municipal council . He burnt previously initiated by the municipality at the opening of this facility is now completed mayor , who was burnt to the precious essence of fidelity by putting her in the moment once again to have been quite pleased with us . Itself while listening to a belt which will be held from infrastructure development to reveal the projects that do not own and flour now and again to resume at the point of stability for itself congratulate \"he said .
\" should be rooted out \"
Turkey'Noting that the major difficulties in the Garden, \"Southeastern Anatolia , especially in our big cities are faced with events that we expect at all . Schools are burned , district and police buildings prints , various damage is being done. Downloading flag , where Ataturk busts are continuing. An anarchist uprising in Turkey and Turkey could take back every aspect of behavior, ugly treacherous display. It should not continue to do so . All state facilities today by political power , using anyone without compromising in a decisive way the actions of those to eradicate need, \"he said.
Garden speech continued:\"During this period, 42 units death was . Members of the police precious brothers and sisters of our armed forces members precious brothers were martyred , and still a team outside the country for the purposes of Turkey by exploiting the acts who want to continue vardir.Bunlarin in if you dare , if their eyes hearts Syrian territory or reducing out there, independent statelet building enthusiasm to those who provide support if they feel Istanbul What's the point of combustion . What's the meaning of destroying the nest of strange if you trust your var.kendi , if you dare to goışid'l will wrestle , grapple , but if you are struggling with whom to Leave Turkey . One reason the events are very good grip and your face of events is also very patient and responsive want you to be . \"
Party members of the sensitive wanting to be a garden ,\"Antalya and Antalya's district for Turkey very carefully in need of protection abroad is part . Here çoluğu north and south, east and west of the child to earn a livelihood of thousands of our citizens have . All should live here in peace and security . Here the drive to should not fall , brothers fight will pave the need to shun , \"he said .
After the speech, Belt Mayor Mustafa Gül , Bahceli was presented a plaque .
Then halls were inaugurated . Garden and Deputy Chair of the hall viewed . some of vice-president and lawmakers threw the pot basket .
old Goynuk Municipal Services Building, then moved to a garden .
minds delaying tactics
here journalists'wise people'will start working again , how would you rate it ? Question to the Garden, \"and 63 , do not you mean the . Wise people meeting has yielded no results . 63 free people is exploited by the Prime Minister to linger . Previously Recep Tayyip Erdogan was doing the same meeting at the same place . Now Obama is doing the same meeting at the same place . No one will give results . These delaying tactics . Turkey's them will spend no time , they also do not need \"replied .
SBE election campaign stepped up , early election , will you? Form of the question with a garden the following answer said:\"The early elections of the parliament will take a decision legally possible at any time . Want to get in early to get the time you want the MHP are ready to choose . \"
Garden, after the speech County MHP Chairman of Korkuteli moved.

MHP leader Bahceli Wise People comment" comments for.


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