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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 19:27

MHP leader with a garden in Antalya

MHP leader with a garden in Antalya
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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli , \"and his Kurdish origin living in this country who are willing to speak Kurdish PKK and the Kurdish-speaking brothers and sisters by exploiting our brothers and sisters is necessary to confuse .

Antalya news: They are very dear to our souls is our brother a thousand years . They hide behind the Kurdish issue , saying unemployed , homeless have stayed all over the people that have migrated to each other kıydır the also there is no need , \"he said .
Antalya MHP municipalities visited the context of MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli , Korkuteli Municipality visited . Municipality in front of the stage set up for citizens appealing garden , local elections, the party's mayoral area districts conduct visits , he said.
of Korkuteli MHP ever left alone in voicing Garden, \"One reason Korkuteli living in all our citizens regardless of party affiliation whatever the MHP offers thanks and gratitude . Who contributed to this success, providing the district board and case reports express my appreciation to my friends as I MHP Chairman . Korkuteli regained Mayor Hasan Gokce and I extend my congratulations to the members of the municipal council . Korkuteli is growing steadily growing and becoming Antalya-world charm , but the charm of Antalya Korkuteli happening . Antalya Korkuteli is because the springs . Write here quite crowded. Who came to the springs in place to meet all the needs of people that want to grow the Korkuteli , development , mainly for the needs of those living here will respond to all the needs of a municipality must have an understanding . Gökçesu Mayor Hasan is going to make it , \"he said .
\"TURKEY Yi turned FIRE \"
Turkey since October 7 who has become a very complicated Garden , \"Middle East countries with very big trouble from the beginning , very large events , blood, conflict is all around us . Has been called the Arab Spring , starting from Tunisia back to Egypt , back from Libya after the conflict in Yemen and Syria and from there to Turkey is approaching wave of death . Turkey has also yellow . A very short period of time has been seen that many traitors prowl been for many years, reach their goals to developments in the region and Syria's north western Kurdistan eager ones emulating Turkey today a bloodbath destruction in a fire have turned , \"he said .
Garden said:
\"One moment please think October 7th Istanbul since every street , in every neighborhood buses on fire , cars on fire , shops looted is constantly fires were passed , people in our peace and security is gone. In the same period, many cities and towns in Southeastern Anatolia constantly lays actions . Attempting's case , riot rehearsal is done. Northern Kurdistan in Turkey for the establishment of the Republic of Turkey and destroying the threat . It says so on behalf of one solution . but the solution is what a kind not say . \"
\"In Turkey, some demand to respond to a compromise solution was \"the Garden,\"Imralı'instead of being born a request from the solution fetching name . Kandil demand is rising rather fetching name resolution , Southeast each side of the fire, police stations are printed , district buildings is occupied , governors gone , and only the police brothers stuck them day and night Molotov cocktails in a life-threatening facing left , Turkey is still in pursuit of a solution . What is this solution? What needs to be understood from this solution , do not say it somehow . I got to know a fact . PKK Lice district of Diyarbakir in 1978, the first congress made ​​Fis village . In this congress decisions Marxist-Leninist an independent Kurdish state is to establish \"he said .
Garden speech, said:\"After 1978, in 1984, black propaganda began to Siirt and Semdinan first action August 15 , 1984 by revealing that day so far 40 thousand of our people , 7-8 thousand members of the police and Mehmetçiğimiz our martyrdom that could lead to criminal behavior into girmişlerdir.o day so far this country rulers, so the solution requests faddish 1 August 2009 the Minister of Interior Someone who is a team of intellectuals proceed with those gölbaşı the meeting held on the premises with safety step is enabling the solution to divide Turkey PKK know what it is but they do not know a thing like the PKK is encouraging . There's only one request that the PKK in Turkey , including a chapter in Iraq , Syria , Iran, the four-piece is a huge effort for the establishment of Kurdistan . After this part of the invasion of Iraq with the efforts of the United States government with Barzani in northern Iraq have established . Now he is described as the third canton Western Kurdistan in the north of Syria today ışid'l çarpışıl are trying to establish the place . 3 canton autonomous Kurdistan there to make efforts are showing . \"
\" Marauders to uproot NEED \"
\"One also gets up in Diyarbakir, having meetings , \"said Garden speech continued as follows:\"The American'attending the conference , this is happening now is happening and Northern Kurdistan as an independent state efforts are the third leg . All of these solutions along with the deception , deceiving our nation , continue deceiving ways . Solution to renounce Imrali murdered , İmralı'dan can tell me .'I gave up the goal of establishing an independent Kurdistan,'Does it say ? Kandil Does the villain's friends say it ? They did not tell the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey according to the task fell to me . One reason everyone should know his limitations . One solution to make yaramışlık deceptions to deceive the nations no more. There currently states in the Southeast , not the governor , not prefect , not the governor . All schools have been invaded , burned , streets have become uninhabitable . So one way is to take it away . One of the state's public power of fear , but just as guilty or innocent by separating the guilty innocent by separating the Southeast Anatolia , especially in Istanbul, all kinds of peace , trust provision that can fulfill these marauders to uproot to be . Basis is the solution. \"
\" Kurdish brothers and sisters are being abused \"
\"living in this country and his Kurdish origin who agreed to speak Kurdish brothers and sisters, by exploiting the PKK and the Kurdish-speaking brothers and sisters to each other It is necessary not to confuse \"the Garden,\"They are our souls , our dear , a thousand years is our brother . They hide behind the Kurdish issue , saying unemployed , remained homeless , people who have migrated to every part of each other in kıydır is not necessary . One of the reasons it is time , now must end . If today's ruling does not finish it with the power of 7 June 2015, the MHP will end. Today we are preparing him for . Here Korkuteli full air springs air like cries wolf . In 2015 , I am saying , \"he said .
Garden, then moved to Ankara by road .

MHP leader with a garden in Antalya" comments for.


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