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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:06

MHP \"Peshmerga Crossing \"for the Assembly General Debate Proposal

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MHP Group, \"Iraq by the Kurdish Regional Government of Syria in order to support their PYD terrorist organization Ayn al-Arab region sent peshmerga of , on October 29 deployments passed over Turkey \"gave motion to the General Debate in the Assembly.

Ankara news: Photo Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) Group, Kopani on the Syrian border that gave motion to the Ayn al-Arab October 29 requesting the opening General Debate in Parliament about the transition to the peshmerga via Turkey. Photo MHP group vice president Oktay Vural and the proposal submitted by Yusuf Halacoglu signature field for all Arabs under the influence of the world , starting in Tunisia \"Arab Spring\"as that described the developments in Syria were also given a place that leap . by photo AK Party of Syria by the government to directly intervene in the internal affairs , with neighboring zero problems without mentioning the problems experienced are not any neighboring country in the proposal stated that remain , \"the opposition groups in Syria provided all kinds of support , 935 kilometreklik limit we became almost a free pass zone, border security have disappeared , were martyred our security forces , our citizens were killed, closed our schools, our village was evacuated for safety reasons , the civil war in Syria has been experienced in Turkey. All these developments the economy of our country , have come to threaten the social life of our national security and our citizens , only so far the cost of the migrants was around $ 4.5 billion \"vision into place was given .
\" Peshmerga PASSAGE it happens 29 October Republic Day NDA HELD \"one of the places that are experiencing internal turmoil in photo Syria Ayn al interface is drawn attention to the proposal , under the threat of Isidor terrorist organizations in Syria this district by the AK Party government members including Tayyip Erdogan, the first Prime Minister Recep as advocated by the PYD , expressed as a terrorist organization has been saved. Photo proposal from prominent expressions as follows:\"Turkey's 30 years fought the PKK's Syrian extension of this terrorist organization , aimed at helping the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government sent by the peshmerga , neither the Constitution nor the conscience of the families of martyrs , nor taken into account in honor of our security forces ; In their presence , the protection of our country were passengers passing through the territory of Syria . And that accompany this transition is coincidental that what previously , as the Prime Minister of the period found in the United States in 2009 , still a'29 October'on'91 years of our Republic'; to lose the life of more people than 40 thousand last 30 years , our economy $ 350 billion cost to the cause under the symbol rags of the PKK terrorist organization , the protection of our security forces , were carried out. \"Photo \" CONSTITUTIONAL CRIME has been processed \"< br/> grounds as in the motion , \"International law is legitimate say in cases where the state of war declared and Turkey is a party where international agreements or as required by international courtesy except , the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK ) of foreign countries to be sent to or foreign armed forces allowed to exist in Turkey to authorize the Turkey Grand National belongs Assembly \"means the area where the Constitution, Article 92 clearly violated, chewed it and said it was committed Constitution crime .
also this issue , however, given by the Parliament in accordance with Article 92 of the Constitution permit basing of the resolution taken care of if possible, \"Thus is explained by foreign armed forces , whereas, as being the armed forces of a country peshmerga have not come to be in Turkey and sent to another country via Turkey with copy has been helping a terrorist organization in another country . For these reasons, our country through this complex and must be done in order to evaluate a General Meeting with an unmanageable areas of internal and external policy, \"the statement said.

MHP \"Peshmerga Crossing \"for the Assembly General Debate Proposal" comments for.


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