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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:31

MHP to Uzunır, Turkish Sports Assess

MHP to Uzunır, Turkish Sports Assess
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Parliament deputy Ali Aydın Administrative Officer and the MHP to Uzunır, in his speech in Parliament, has assessed the developments in Turkish sports.

Aydın news: Parliament IR Administration Supervisor and to Uzunır MHP deputy Ali Aydin, in his speech in Parliament, has assessed the developments in Turkish sports.
Turkey in the sport of doping prevention of cases in the inadequacy allegedly supplied concerning the motion of censure who spoke during the MHP Deputy Aydin and MHP Aydın Mayor Candidate Ali Uzunır to"Turkey of the system errors, the system is missing from the rule error to take advantage of those, this space beneficiaries, resources confusions Says Sports Ministry, the federations, personally by the Minister and by the power that protected and nurtured is. because persistently certain documents and information be brought, despite the court's decision, despite not applicable court decisions if the federation managers are protected and kollanıy, if certain information and documents, although investigation does not turn on, a number of documents and information, despite the investigation is perverted, the complainant under pressure if suspended disciplinary proceedings to the uğratılıy if this Ministry now unbearable torture case has received and thus get out of here need,"he said.
held in Bali Taekwondo Championships in the process of an incident from the sample that Uzunır to"Turkey in all fields, from foreign policy to other areas until it reaches the scandals mentioned a country, as well as the latest Bali held in taekwondo competitions Turkey still a scandal has been signed. Balinese held October 31-November 3, between ... Deplorable a situation that ... Turkey here will join list of athletes reported and in this list Elif Soytürk Ali named athletes of our daughter as a contestant is declared and we have documentation, builds on our daughter participated. Later, it our daughter is concerned, these athletes about our competition a day before the neck of the hernia has been detected supposedly, and a doctor's report, based cervical disc the grounds of the Turkish National Team by barred from the competition and replaced Elif Aybüke Yilmaz joined competitions,"he said.
Uzunır to, said completed :"T aekwondo Federation which scandal , tomorrow Turkey in the beginning of the business open is scandalous. What do you mean, an athlete builds up in the finale approaching establishes the name 'Elif Soytürk as' scoreboard arise in you, but there competing,"Elif Aybüke Yilmaz' a girl named matter. Such a scandal to happen to Turkey who knitting, if this account who asked not at least as guilty as he is. these accounts Turkey Grand National Assembly not asked who committed this crime is as much responsible. Accordingly, these accounts should be seen and Turkey this keşmekeşlik must be freed from"

MHP to Uzunır, Turkish Sports Assess" comments for.


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