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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:51

MHP Vural:Still looking at the mouth of five

MHP Vural:Still looking at the mouth of five
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Oktay Vural, MHP, group vice president, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,"saying the world is greater than five, then five, still looking at her mouth.

"loaded with words.

Oktay Vural, MHP, group vice president, assessments on the agenda at a press conference in Parliament. Vural criticized the government's foreign policy,"championship in Turkey, Turkey's potential, the Muslim another side of the world to take part in the projects does not exceed kırdıran."he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan, Syria, the United States urged Vural said,"is preparing the infrastructure of the new massacres. Does not possess the Crusaders massacre of Muslims calling for Muslims to slaughter Muslims. Longer Muslims killing Muslims, I lament. Syria, are not you wish to go to the United States? Now, get up 'the world is greater than five, saying, allegedly attempted to set the global agenda says expects to receive applause. He lasted five Are not you a hundred?"He asked.

Vural,"saying the world is greater than five, then five, still looking at her mouth. Justice, after all, is great. I have the motion for northern Iraq, the U.S. Have you looked in her mouth?"He said.


coalition of volunteers showing a strong response to statements Vural,"Whom did you consult? Who told you that? I gave the United States the task. I had the task BOP'ta U.S. president. Did the Turkish nation? These folks gave you this authority? Become a co-chairman of the BOP has the task? Now you're coalition of volunteers. Who wolf? Wolf by what authority? Britain's parliament debated for hours, U.S. President Barack Obama is asking Congress, we have taken the decision the prime minister, took part in, I guess. I kılındım officer said. Who gave you the authority to make these decisions? Whom you consulted when these decisions?"He said.

unable to receive authorization by Parliament during the intervention in Iraq reminds Vural,"Now I think we have established a coalition. How do you use that authority not buying nationalities? This sovereignty of the nation, an insult to Parliament."He said.


Vural reminiscent of what happened in Iraq,"Today, in the same way, there are chemical weapons, an attack that has weapons of mass destruction, justifying're building a war coalition. Damn it, who uses chemicals or whoever. But Turkey, Syria, an internal conflict, to be under the occupation of the West's imperial forces hazmedebilecek not like these folks. Those chemical weapons, chemical weapons, they say there."He said.

Adana reminiscent of reports that sarin gas captured Vural,"Do not get caught? Was told that his arrest. What happened after that? Sarin gas, antifreeze and then released. Chemicals caught he says. What caught chemicals? Antifreeze is 2 pounds? Antifreeze alcohol derivative. Must emerge at the facts behind this."He said.

addressing those who voted for the AK Party Vural,"This game is a game in the Muslim world who want to negotiate each other. Discord, hatred, körükleyicisi a policy that is unworthy of the Turkish nation. Such a policy, a policy in the Islamic world kırdıran people with each other, a conflict, sealing, Turkey should not turn into one side of the bombing. Yes, you should get rid of dictators, yes, peace be there to keep the peace, but Turkey should be the pursuit of projects. Should not be the pursuit of the bombs."He said.

policy of the Government of Syria, Turkey does not consider national interests Vural said,"Turkey is the war-mongering, instead of bringing peace to this region, away from dictatorship, civil, have grown out of their follow-up projects should support them."he said.

the Prime Minister,"at the time of the Assembly President of the Republic has the power off."Referring to the words of Vural,"You do not know what it is this authority. Management would not be in such a state. Would not be such a democracy. Not even such an understanding of dictatorship. Consulting, with its own copy of the volunteers say that the coalition established national interests of the Turkish nation and the people living in the region to prevent further bloodshed policies, rather than a war-mongering, to build a war coalition, even if one has exceeded adamcılığı."He said.

MHP Vural:Still looking at the mouth of five" comments for.


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