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  • 17 Eylül 2013, Salı 01:45

Microsoft Turkey, 5 years, the application will print one million young people

Microsoft Turkey, 5 years, the application will print one million young people
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Turkey's enterprising young people who want to have a voice in the world market, Microsoft Turkey open to everyone, free, application development, the school has graduated students in the second semester Open Academy.

participating in the program with a live broadcast connection

Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Yıldırım,"This project will contribute to the future generations of young people believe in a very real sense. schools this year, I heard you target to reach 8 thousand students. This is a very nice, but can be further enhanced. teachers to prepare them to implement these programs have a goal of transportation. This situation is admirable."said.

awards ceremony held at the Four Seasons managers of Microsoft Turkey, developed training programs, a large number of students and members of the press attended the prize-worthy. Speaking at the program Yıldırım,"My heart I wish we could be there with you today, but it was not possible due to Ankara programs. However, information technology has enabled this situation."she said. Open Academy has successfully completed a one-year training records Lightning, training facility, stated that is open to all who want to improve and self. General Manager of Microsoft Turkey Tamer Ozmen transfers happiness they met with them on this project, the Minister of Transport, conversation continued as follows:


"Everyone Here you can participate in the program and to develop self. initiation of this program, Mr. Tamer me very happy when I heard of this job. told you are going to support any case. 120 thousand students have been trained at the end of the first semester. 5 years, aims to reach one million students. bit more effort possible to achieve this goal can. thousand teachers in the admirable goal of achieving this occasion. most importantly, to develop information technology and computer literacy in our country. Grown women look at the profile of people show less interest in this program. participation in the program through to the large cities, more and more, more and more participation in rural areas less see that. subsequent endeavors to eliminate the digital divide need to proceed to Anatolia. Computing will save you a lot of country spread everywhere throughout the country. There is a phenomenon we call social media. globalization, most important, a medium that communicates with the people knew each other socially the media. Therefore, the use of social media and it is very, very good for the future of the country should be used. seeds of hatred is not to be used for the establishment of peace and brotherhood, their excitement. principle is that, if nothing criminal in real life in the virtual world is a crime."

Turkey is a young country

informatics too stressed that the benefits of lightning,"so we can create the difference by moving too fast informatics. Accordingly, both state and private, regardless of which project is supported and will continue to support a great little saying. investment in the youth see this as the most important investment."he spoke.


General Manager of Microsoft Turkey Tamer Ozmen, Turkey in Europe 3 is the largest mobile land, he said. Ozmen pointed out the presence of about 35 million Internet users,"Social media is the fastest one of the countries that have adopted and become a part of life. Nevertheless, Turkey 2 trillion 570 billion Euro market in the world IT market share figures for the application in only 8 per thousand in the Turkey should be behind the earth."shared knowledge.

more than 120 thousand at the end of the first year, students built a record transfer Outdoor Academy Ozmen , he said:"E ducation, IT, employment, and economic issues covering the whole of an enterprise-wide social responsibility project of the Open Academy graduates 'bring the new Bill Gates' goal had some life. Today, 120 thousand students and 2 thousand 600 Open Academy graduate, has acquired the opportunities offered by the knowledge of the IT industry is much more closely. IT industry now growing mobile applications and cloud. 17.5 billion dollars in 2011, the mobile application market, today this figure has reached 2-3 times the size. general use of cloud services that appeal to a market that is expected to create a $ 131 billion until 2017. This as a country need to take a greater share of the potential. Our next goal, one million people in the next 5 years to make a part of the Open Academy program."

the program, students entering the top 5, awards, and rightly so. Microsoft will tour in October with Turkey Turkey Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Izmir, Antalya, Trabzon and reach students through universities in many provinces such as Adana. The events will take place in one or two universities. Carried out several projects to increase the proportion of female participants.

Microsoft Turkey, 5 years, the application will print one million young people" comments for.


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