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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:40

Midnight Raid to Mobile

Midnight Raid to Mobile
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Center of Bursa Nilufer district, police teams were conducting operations for the midnight street vendors.

Bursa news:
Nilufer Municipal Police Department teams, GÖRÜKLE'DE half of the operations of the night by organizing the peddler was confiscated numerous stalls . Görükle on Atatürk Street late in the audit that police teams , mussels, corn and other food peddlers selling confiscated goods and countertops. Public health threatening police teams that do not allow the sale of food , while police in the street examination during the night , some businesses are also found in the warning direction to act in accordance with the procedures and government regulations.
Teams, reporting audit would continue to be made across the Lotus , which operates against the law people and reminded businesses to apply criminal sanctions .


Midnight Raid to Mobile" comments for.


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