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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:03

Midyat \"Islamic Personality And Academic Success'Conference on

Midyat \
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By Sajda Association carries out its activities in Mardin's Midyat district , \"Islamic personality and academic achievement'conference was held .

Mardin news: Photo Kocatepe Middle School auditorium in Sajda Education and Solidarity Association organized the conference to Sajda-Der President Abdurrahman Kaplan , Education Bir-Sen Abdulkadir Midyat representative Altai, association member , Anatolian Imam and Preacher High School teacher-student and attended by many guests. Abdurrahim Kaplan, in his speech before the conference , \"We, as the imam preachers community after the problems we experienced period of February 28 we reach these beautiful days also need to know that we should give thanks to our Lord . Stating that they passed through a difficult period as the Ummah Kaplan, said:Photo \"Yes , we may be in a difficult position today as Muslims . Zulma , we may be exposed to injustice. Assad claiming to be Muslim , Sisi, Muslims may have been deprived of their liberty by cruel as the place from their homes and slaughtered . Reduced to each other by the people of the Islamic geography barbarian Europe and America, besieged by Zionist Israel Jerusalem , Muslims have been busy killing each other , may be in a situation where the energy of all capital cases have come to use against each other that is. However, because of these and similar reasons as Muslims, and the Prophet. Prophet (saas ) revealed that the Qur'an , as well as from the natural sciences and his circumcision , technology , medicine, astronomy , we have moved away from . So as a nation we will understand both our world we are in a lowered risk our afterlife . But we'll never fall into despair , we will never bow to the tyrant , we ask God for our help . \"Photo Later, speaking , Asst which the Artuqid University. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Akin,\"We have the real spirit of the imams and preachers , the real mission we believe that this is the spirit . Islamic civilization in a size of civilization , western civilization has a size. Facing a conflict of differences in the sub-culture of Islamic civilization , I see effort. It is you who will now be in front , \"he said .
Conference after the speeches ended .

Midyat \"Islamic Personality And Academic Success'Conference on" comments for.


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