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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:01

Migration of the 25th Anniversary in 1989

Migration of the 25th Anniversary in 1989
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En masse to change the names of communist rule in Turkey migrated from Bulgaria were discussed at the time they live in Bursa Turkey .

Bursa news: Photo of forced migration from Bulgaria 25 years believer in Ceyhan Bursa Culture Resources Research Library hosted the forum was held . Nilüfer Municipality , Uludag University, Balkan Immigrants'Culture and Solidarity Association ( BAL-immigration) with the Municipality supported by the forum from Turkey and academics from abroad , researchers and migration was attended by many compatriots living person. Photo Nilufer Municipality Mayor Mustafa bozbey , believers and Honey-Ceyhan Migration Chairman Assoc. Dr. Ozkan rise started with the opening speech of the forum was moderated by Prof. Dr. Hussein made ​​the season. The speakers of the Forum Bal-Migration Assistant Vice President . Assoc. Dr. Ismail Selimoğlu , Assoc. Dr. Abraham Yalımov , Asst. Assoc. Dr. City Boykoy Dr. Vild until Ozkan, journalist Ridwan Tümenoğl , poet Hilmi Nilüfer Municipality with HASAL Cultural and Social Affairs Directorate of History and Tourism Bureau chief of Honor Ulutaş , international relations dimension of migration, civil society orientation, political practices on the Turkish minority of Bulgaria's government , literary size and press the scholarship of the 1989 immigration took the reflections. Photo Rumeli Balkan Immigrants Confederation ( BRGK ) said that Vice President Zülkef Yeşilbahçe continuing assimilation policies on Turks living in Bulgaria. Yeşilbahçe , \"up to 15-20 years in Bulgaria, Turkish studying Turkey the number of children being expressed by hundreds of thousands , today around eleven this figure . This is the most striking example of the continuing assimilation policies ,\"he said . Photo Yard . Assoc. Dr. City Boykoy also , to prevent recurrence of the pains in the university in order to study in depth of the Balkan migration , he said should be established urgently in this regard to the application and research centers.
\"Nilüfer Municipality Oral History Research Project\"collects migration-belegesel displayed prepared under . Migration speakers presented papers cited in the documentary after the testimony of immigrant psychological and sociological dimensions. Photo also opened an exhibition consisting of photographs and newspaper clippings compiled by the migration of Hairy Zülkef Yeşilbahçe Muhittin of collection .

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