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  • 16 Eylül 2014, Salı 11:50

Milk should be absolute in the children's breakfast

Milk should be absolute in the children's breakfast
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Mersin Public Health Director Dr.

Mersin news: Mersin Public Health Director Dr. Aytekin Bone , school-age children proper eating more healthy and quality life riding the basis of the expression, \"do not do breakfast the children working and learning ability decreases , school performance is reduced. Breakfast drink milk the most healthy is . Children at breakfast necessarily a glass of milk must be present ,\"he said .
made ​​a statement on nutrition in children , Dr. Aytekin Bone , school-age children to gain the right eating habits , their more healthy and lead a life form the basis of quality , he said. Physical and mental development age in accordance with the completion healthy and balanced diet, the importance of large stressed that the Bone , \"school age children in our day, 3 main two meals in the form cherish would be correct. This is why their diet the biggest task families decrease. Most skipped or glossed over and nutrition Us great importance, the breakfast habit of doing at this age should be sought . Meal of the most important meals breakfast is . days eager to start and a convenient way to maintain renovated breakfast and quantity of content is of great importance . breakfast a glass of milk to drink , 1 orange , tomato like fruit or vegetable to consume your day dynamic and healthy start in terms that can be taken the most important step . dinner and breakfast in the morning about 12 hours time passes . During this time the body of nutrients, all uses . Bed our regular work for the sugar of a certain level should be . Making breakfast when blood sugar drops , consequently, fatigue , headache, difficulties such as lack of attention and perception is experienced. Working and learning ability of children do not eat breakfast in the fall , school performance is reduced. In adults attention is reduced and work capacity is reduced , \"he said.
BREAKFAST WHAT should be consumed ?
breakfast should be consumed in foods also describes the Bone ,\"Milk , eggs, cheese foods such as they are rich in protein, regulates blood sugar and fatigue, hunger, feeling like you are effective in the prevention of . In particular, children should eat eggs at breakfast one . Of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables should be included in the breakfast . These foods consumed at breakfast foods makes it more useful for our body . Breakfast is rich in the nutrient content because of the home-made tarhana, springs , lentil soup, breakfast cereals can also be included . However, these foods do besides milk , fruit and vegetables should be consumed. Body weight is not more molasses for breakfast , honey, jam , marmalade, peanut butter can be added. Eggs should be cooked solid . Once it begins to boil on low heat for approximately 5 minutes is enough to cook . Longer cooking leads to loss of nutrients in eggs . Drinking tea at breakfast , reduces the use of useful substances found in foods . For this reason, tea and lemon should be clear ; more like linden herbal tea should be preferred. However, breakfast is the most healthy drink milk . Children should have a glass of milk at breakfast do . Drink milk for children not enough cheese and yogurt to consume should be provided , \"he said .
Proper breakfast also gives examples Bone ,\"a glass of milk , a matchbox as feta, 5-6 olives, tomato, 1-2 slices of bread may be . A glass of water mixed with milk, breakfast cereal , a cup of tea with freshly squeezed juice can . One cup milk , one egg, a slice of bread and a mandarin jelly can be made. One cup of milk, molasses, sesame , walnuts 4-5 , 2 slices of bread and 1 carrot edible , \"he said .

Milk should be absolute in the children's breakfast" comments for.


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