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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:46

Millions Lost Hope Bags Kids Going

Millions Lost Hope Bags Kids Going
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Children lost one of Turkey's bleeding wound , looking in shopping bags .

İstanbul news: Honor Market and near the Lost Families Association ( YAKAD ) project was implemented in collaboration with missing children wanted 3 million Honorary Market shopping bag and families need to know 10 important rules reminded . Photo Every year, many children are missing . Honor Market, public attention recently Families Association to raise awareness of the Lost pulling the missing cases ( YAKAD ) throws signing with a major project . 3 million bags prepared under the project , missing children also contains a very important message for families while looking for.
Customers with millions to inform parents , awareness and aim to increase the social awareness of the topic of Honor , has launched a social responsibility project on missing children . Project 76 photo 5 missing children on shopping bags in Honor Market, where with when the information they get lost , families should pay attention to children in the loss of 10 rules takes place .
CHILDREN disappearance , FAMILIES would worry Photo prevent children they are lost and \"The Lost Children\", the fact that the related individual and aims to draw attention to the social sensitivity of Honor Market, to inform all parents and mission awareness of . Parents that they are not children of the disappeared call to be sensitive Honor Market, the inserts, website , social media channels and in grocery bags used in stores , loss of photographs of children and all parents are announcing 10 important rules to know , for also raising awareness among customers. Photo lOST MILLIONS they are looking for in the BAG NEAR Photo parents should do as we teach our children what to do if they get lost and expressing awareness that we must honor our children Cemal Ozen Market CEO ; \"Conscious mother and your child the most important thing you need to tell your child as father is not a shame that nothing will be done when it is lost and needs to scream. Most importantly, as parents , we must be conscious . Does not happen to us saying, we should have information about what to do if we encounter such a situation. Honor we want to provide information to the community on this issue , which is of vital importance in the market. children have photographs of missing children to be the prospect of lost family and decided to print the most effective 10 important rules of grocery bags . , albeit a little bit , attract the attention of the community , we want to raise awareness in the community , \"he said . < br/> Honor Market with this project, which mobilized all opportunities , will make a difference for the solution of this problem that threatens our children, practices and fulfills its part of social responsibility on the posts . it was emphasized that it is important rules in order to prevent children from being lost within the scope of Photo project . Important rules in the name of preventing children the loss was as follows:Photo \"-to move next to the identity card of the child , and too young to carry identity cards to ensure nicknames like credentials imprint Photo-The address to which to return when lost and need to call to teach the phone number < br/>-the name of the child's friends parents and learn their phone number photo-knowing what to wear in the end the child photo-Always the presence of the child's last photo , to be the child's hair for example, comparison of DNA required and the fingerprints . \"


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