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  • 07 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 08:59

Millions of good news to the internet

Millions of good news to the internet
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50-60 pounds, the satellite will be launched next year mobile internet ...

Director General of Turksat Ozkan

Dalbay , since the middle of next year with satellite Turksat-4B 50 to 60 pounds of personal internet every region of Turkey, plus Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Iraq and neighboring countries such as Syria and Jordan, and that he would serve.

International Executives Association (YÖNETDER) Turksat satellite hizmetleri'konulu Director General Dr. giving a seminar. Özkan Dalbay good news to internet users gave. Dalbay, Turksat-4B satellite that will serve mid-2014 on, said:

"4B using a new technology called Ka band. Ka Band technology mean that large coverage areas collapsed state. Collapsed at a higher frequency, if the frequency elsewhere can use it more. So reduced the coverage area, the western region of Turkey covers. In addition to frequency of use to engage with a different frequency not use. Then, we use third use first. Such skip a skip a use, so a frequency of four times in Turkey, we are used five times. Therefore, as the frequency decreases, so the cost per capita cost of the satellite signal due to a strong decrease in the systems, as well as reduced costs. Sticky Thread What does this mean? Your use of the Internet since the middle of next year, around 50-60 liras able to give via satellite. Sub-systems will be how much it costs? About 200-300 pounds. will you, will build a time. Get to take it somewhere else, anywhere. Take it anywhere in Turkey and even to our own , Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria, Jordan. Those places of our target markets, take him there to run. Put the thing for about 10 minutes now set Find an electrical energy works."

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