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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:25

Miners Make the walkout was in Amasra

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Workers at a private mine in the town of Bartin Amasra did their jobs they had received their salaries missing .

Bartın news: Photo ashland Tarlaağzı position due to the employee in a private mine workers stated that they decided to take action due to the discontinuation of the salary of one of the two minimum wages this month, last month . Gathered in front of the mine action launched by descent about 150 workers in the morning. Mine workers salaries they received last month in two minimum wage law in the framework of the bag , while the second minimum wage , has claimed that cut from this month's salary. General Mine Workers Union of the mine at noon Chairman Eyüp Kohlrabi arrived. Kohlrabi speaking time with the workers , then also did an interview with mine officials. Photo exit journalist made ​​a statement GMİS President of the Kohlrabi , \"Unfortunately, two minimum wage work has created a new chaos of life. Although a public institution TCC many employers two minimum wage mainly sought to different applications by understanding different. was paid to two minimum wages by last month's employers miners. this month was paid to two minimum wages . in this month , realize they cut from the salary. Miners in wages this month, 30 to 60 per we learned that they received . we did interview the employer to rectify this problem. we want to make the least disruption. we will take the matter to court , \"he said .

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