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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 09:47

Miners were forgotten in the Republic in Baku in the reception Ermenek

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91. anniversary of the founding of the Republic , was celebrated with a reception organized by Turkey's Embassy in Baku .

91. anniversary of the founding of the Republic , was celebrated with a reception organized by Turkey's Embassy in Baku . In celebration, Karaman Ermenek 18 workers trapped in the coal mines in the district were also noted . Photo Fairmont Hotel Ambassador Ismail Alper Coskun's house in the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Abid Sharifov reception held in ownership , representatives of various state , commanders, lawmakers and many guests attended . Photo Ambassador Coskun reception in the two countries began reading the national anthem , Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan read the congratulatory message sent to all foreign missions . Coskun Erdogan, \"Celebrating Republic Day of all our citizens in Azerbaijan , our republic we the establishment of the 91 anniversary of the country , our nation , all friendly and I entreat Allah to bring charity for brotherly countries . Of our republic establishment 91 years of excitement with us Share the friendly and brotherly countries'representatives in their hands all the friendly and brotherly nations, representative of our employees in this meaningful today extend our peace and solidarity message to our nation I send the most heart greetings . Republic of Turkey , peace in the world , solidarity , defending justice and welfare ; to each country's internal affairs and showing respect for the territorial integrity , international law, universal human values, human rights and freedom has a foreign policy that holds on to everything. we maintain precision for 91 years, and defend those we value today, and will then unshakable basic principles of Turkey's foreign policy . Turkey, in all issues of justice , equity and peace to stand , the right to boldly defend the oppressed and victims will continue . Turkey, steadily growing economy, rising standards of democracy , committed to the process of the European Union , the G20 membership, will refrain from humanity to mobilize the experience for regional and global peace through active stance in the international arena . These thoughts all citizens living in Azerbaijan , all our brothers , our family would like to congratulate the Republic Day again. This significant day , our excitement and enthusiasm that our common friend and brother countries , their peoples and their representatives , to present my gratitude on behalf of my country and my nation ; greetings and I send my love, \"read the message. Photo Abid Sharifov his speech , all the Turkish people feast on both President Ilham Aliyev , as well as celebrate their behalf. The present Ambassador Alper Coskun in a statement to reporters in Photo Desk, for miners in Ermenek said they prayed , \"You know this important day is known by various activities . We are of course significant that it is carried out in Azerbaijan extraordinary terms . The foundation years has been the people next to Turkey and Azerbaijan . Our fate has come to unity in those days , and again these days will continue forever . Yesterday's accident trapped under the earth, we pray also for our remaining workers , we pray , we pray to God I hope their family home to be rescued as soon as possible \"was the phrase used .

Miners were forgotten in the Republic in Baku in the reception Ermenek" comments for.


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