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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:43

Miners were mentioned in Ermenek reception on October 29th in the US

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91. The Republic was celebrated with a reception held in Washington, DC .

91. The Republic was celebrated with a reception held in Washington, DC . Embassies Speaking at the celebration held in residential ambassador to Washington, Serdar Kılıç , \"the mine in Karaman as soon as the trapped workers wish to have access to the family.\"Photo Turkey's ambassador to Washington, held at the home Serdar Kılıç's reception , Turkey and the United States began with the reading of the National Anthem . US Department of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Office in Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean from the Deputy Assistant Secretary Amanda Sloat at the reception , Ambassador Serdar Kılıç President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also attended the private letter read. In a letter Photo President Erdogan, \"all friendly and sister nations, representative of our employees in this meaningful today extend our peace and solidarity message , I extend our greetings to our nation did the woman . Republic of Turkey and peace in the world , solidarity , justice advocates of welfare , in the internal affairs of each country and territory respecting the integrity of international law, universal human values, human rights and freedoms have a foreign policy that keeps everything above . these values ​​we and we advocate maintaining precision for 91 years now and will then unshakable basic principles of Turkish foreign policy. Turkey each equity in the matter , to take the side of justice and peace, oppressed , and will continue to defend the courage rights for victims. Turkey steadily growing economy standards emerging democracies , stable EU process, the G-20 membership, mobilize humanity to experience for regional and global peace through active stance in the international arena will refrain from to . With these thoughts all the citizens who live here , our brothers , our family would like to congratulate again 39 October Republic Day . This significant day that are common to our excitement and enthusiasm to our friendly and brotherly countries , my country and their people and their representatives to express my gratitude on behalf of my nation. Hi and I send my love , \"he said .
Write the following speech , Ambassador Serdar Kilic, after the mining accident in Karaman, declaring that the reception Antakya Civilizations canceled concerts to be given by the Chorus , \"of our Republic establishment 91 anniversary of my one hand the excitement and pride other hand Karaman coal mines in the words of the true meaning of the bread under the ground while trying to remove the stone trapped and their families for a moment before reaching the , the sadness of our citizens, our wish is to come together , we live with bitterness , \"he said. our country's declaration of
Republic and as with countries in the region, US at a celebrated enthusiastically voicing Sword, \"under the leadership of chief Mustafa Kemal and altruistic heroes of our nation into a single body, and we carried out the heroic struggle Savis Independence was 91 years ago that culminated in the proclamation of the Republic . During that time our Republic since its inception has made significant progress towards the goal of reaching the level of contemporary civilization of Atatürk . Our country today, democratic and secular structure, committed to human rights acquis , strong economy, young and inspiring to the dynamic population has started to independence and prosperity that country \"found in the description . Photo Ambassador Serdar Kilic, and their security of our country, the security of both countries in the region by adding the direction that efforts meat \"in a vast geography extending from the Balkans to Afghanistan for years to international peace , security and our country who are struggling for the stability of the plant is still terror, civil war and humanitarian crisis as serious time in our region neighboring rights, security and intensive efforts for peace are . In our country the field of humanitarian aid as a result of our efforts Indeed, local people worldwide has risen to second place after the United States. Dear guests of the Republic of us in creating the ground for 91 years our country has made strides protection and partners must live our most valuable assets , \"he said .

Miners were mentioned in Ermenek reception on October 29th in the US" comments for.


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