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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 13:20

Mines Minister Ermenek Islam Explained

Mines Minister Ermenek Islam Explained
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Family and Social Policy Minister Ayşenur Islam , relating to mine accidents in Ermenek \"Parents , we need to continue our work without disturbing as possible , before we reach our a miner , let us to the families of our households and will disappear following emergency'll make our determinations regarding family then ,\"he said .

Manisa news: Photo of Family and Social Policy Minister Ayşenur Islam , visited the first Turgutlu nursing home residents during his visit to Turgutlu town of Manisa . Islam Minister Erdogan Bektas Manisa Governor , Governor Turgutlu Günlü Nazmi , the AK Party and the AK Party Manisa deputy Selçuk Özdağ Turgutlu Gedizler the District Chairman welcomed mentor . Nursing home visit in the Islamic chatter of calm , rest homes and exit answered questions from journalists about the work carried out after the mining accident in Ermenek . Noting that in a moment reach before efforts to Photo Miners Islam , said:\"The second day of the disaster 18 miners in our family we found financial support to enable them to a monthly meeting the subsistence . we assign a social worker that , as well as to each family , and he is interested in the possible problems in the family , our consultation . it is there poverty in the family , do you have elderly , have disabilities , training was halted as there is something similar that is us is there any problem affecting ? this is being detected career following possible problems I say . Once this is done determinations we will return again to the families of our immediate solutions . at the same time their psychological rehabilitation are also our job and there're doing this rehab work. currently, families in their homes unable to reach miners not families at the mine . These types do not want to bother behalf identify these families. Family , we need to continue our work without disturbing as possible , before we reach our miner , let us to the families of our households and will disappear following emergency'll make our determinations regarding family after that. \"Photo \" WAITING FOR ALWAYS READY TO \"< br/> the two ministers that were in the area and work closely Watch that expresses Islam , he continued as follows:\"Ministry of Family and Social Policies, AFAD'ın psychosocial assistance , support , storage and help the main partner in the delivery business. When we encounter God forbid we expect this type of disaster is always ready . We're going to pitch all our members across such a case , our field , our stroke takes no more than 1-2 hours. We're going to our psychosocial support team , the same thing happened in the Ermenek , hospitals, crime scene and we are starting to set up tents there and immediate psychosocial support activities in the household. Our first trapped in the mine in contact with our employees learn usually detected only income that person and that family to be removed from their mines that will pass until the entry into SSI circuit while a livelihood may occur , families may arise a problem. We have detected them and we put just social assistance and putting our solidarity foundations. \"Photo \" Let's get a little EAR those VISIT to NOT \"Photo Peace chatter of calm serenity house visit the house and cloves distributes Ayşenur Islam , he chatted for a while with senior citizens . nursing home for the rest of the name of the individual handshake Islam , asked the residents of nursing homes that have a request or not. peace house a resident's name'because we stayed here for three months were cut from the Islam , the event is a bit humorous approaching \"Look, Governor cigarette internal do not allowances would be sufficient , \"while they conducted a study on the issue , he said. Minister Islam , nursing home residents , \"Your close , is coming to visit you in your children ? \"he asked. a portion of the residents in nursing homes is'do not come'he answered, pulling out ministers Islam\"mild their ears since I shoot , \"he said . Minister Islam , then the Begonia house in Turgutlu'ya child and visited a family in the Ergenekon protecting the neighborhood.

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