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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:03

Minibus in Yalova Road closed to traffic

Minibus in Yalova Road closed to traffic
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Bounded in the town of Yalova Thermal plate with a thermal claiming that the inspection of the M series of minibus Minibus Cooperative members protested against the security forces by closing the road .

Yalova news:
carrying passengers to Yalova Thermal County SS. Thermal Union Cooperative otobüsçü Motor Carrier Minibus and Yalova Chamber tensed because of the right to bear the cross . In the morning, Thermal Creek neighborhood gathered in the heavens by means of cooperative members of minibus pulling Gokce road entrance to the neighborhood creek road closed to traffic .
SSA providing information about the cause of action . Thermal Union otobüsçü Motor Carrier Cooperative 2nd President of Honour Kas, \"Restricted M Plate vans certificate of authority in the absence of commercial transport on the 18th is the day continues. We in this regard conducting audits on several occasions authorities may apply prevent it wanted to . Yet for some reason absolutely no control not performed . Only Gendarmerie here a few times controls did. we deserve are seeking . Restricted plate of minibus in the course of their bread're after . But legally without the right people here, the way transport do not want to . Transportation permit authorization without a vehicle that even the withdrawal of want . illegal transport when security forces perform their duties do not , \"he said .
Yalova Minibus Acting President Erhan head , the\"on September 30 , ending circular required we passengers even ı hold seat us fine our cuts . this penalty also our objection have . conclusion expect . us on the road penalty cuts caused by this penalty does not close the road to friends . This is my Banana Republic . Do we go in Yalova road close it. Such a solution is not reached . State officials fined me in as they need them to do . Thermal to 30 years we are carrying passengers . On September 30, we want to cut in front of us are circular ending . I'm authorities need to do I want , \"he said .
Thermal input from the Yalova Gendarmerie Regiment Command teams and Yalova Police Department teams road closed to traffic the minibus operators met with individuals . Minibus shortly actions terminating road traffic opened .


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