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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:34

Mining Accident Revolt of the Engineers Room

Mining Accident Revolt of the Engineers Room
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Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects ( Chamber ) Adana Provincial Coordination Board Secretary Hasan Emir Kavi, mines , arguing that public management and should be dominated by public scrutiny , \"the uncontrolled nature of the stop Enough is enough , stop the killings,\"he urged.

Adana news: Photo Chamber of Adana Provincial Coordination Board Secretary Hasan Emir Kavi, Geological Engineers Chamber at the press conference tmmob'n connected with the room chairmen and representatives, Ermenek in Sugar Mine , the 18 mine workers due to flooding , he said that her right to find hope . Kavi said:Photo \"As with all workers massacre to the Prime Minister , President , Energy and Natural Resources went to the crash Minister of Labour and again the authorities to Social Security Minister . However, the task of the authorities \"to organize the funeral removal \",\"live from the scene do \"and so on. not work accidents , occupational diseases, to prevent the loss of lives. accidents, murders as long as only talking business crime we stuck to the technical reasons for that event will continue to happen . why sometimes unmeasured carbon monoxide ratio in the business of murder, sometimes front lift the no-maintenance, sometimes , covering the construction space , sometimes tent that is electrical leakage . the main reason for the truth, however , over the years implemented new labor regime , responsible for the those agreed these policies.
we reiterate once more suggestions we have said for years . Public management and public supervision should be dominant. Working life again should be organized. as occupational health and safety is a matter of very disciplined , trade unions, professional chambers , unacceptable excluded from decision making processes of the university. National Occupational Health and Safety Authority should be established with the participation of these organizations , these organizations should be dominant in the management of the institution; institutions , independent administrative and financial aspects , should have a democratic functioning ; funding sources with employer fines for \"work accidents and occupational diseases that part of the excess insurance \"must be created from . should be given powers to room connected to the Chamber of
workers in vocational training . Business involved in the technical periodical checks to be done, should be given an active role in the Chamber connected rooms on measures .''Photo' DEAD our NOT WANT RESPECT our LIVING \"Photo Mining Engineers Chamber of Adana Branch President Sabahattin also Sakatoğl , mining accidents in the last 10 months, 354 workers lost their lives , he said only 3 of them work in the public mine. Sakatoğl statement also criticized in rescue operations , \"We are engaged in pretending to be interested after the accident accidental , officials held a welcoming ceremony for themselves in accidents do not want to place.\"he said. Photo Konya Ermenekt basin attention should be made to mining Sakatoğl the description said:Photo \"licensed field as a result of work done in earlier years who are former manufacturing sites three separate companies under royalty agreements have been given , the work done in earlier years and three new Since there is no coordinated efforts be made by the company are produced work without knowing how it will affect each other. Photo here basin mining should be done. basin mining, the mine is located in a basin , planning with a holistic perspective and means of production . after
We accident two Aircraft we do not want cluttering his services to the furnace mouth of the hundreds of AFAD team with a helicopter . we want to respect our living is not our dead . understands our language as
Everything in the Turkish Historical Society (TTK), Turkey Coal Enterprises ( TKI ) and board on rescuing and other business rescue and recovery teams will be sufficient to do the work of rescuing . Hundreds of people who are not experts in the field such as AFAD instead of finding solutions by moving the stove is just and create chaos and only rescue work . Pretending Photo We like she was interested accident after the accident , the authorities made ​​them welcome ceremonies do not want to the accident place .''

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