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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:07

Mining brother digging to find this Time

Mining brother digging to find this Time
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Karaman Ermenek township Güneyyurt the flooding experienced in the mine in the town in January trapped 18 workers from Mehmet Baha'i's 15-year miner brother Hamdi Baha , working in the quarries gained each day the bread this time to find his brother .

Karaman news: Photo mines in the water situation with great hopes to do the rescue work after the raid every day Bah stated that personally involved , \"Work in progress. We are moving slowly . I madenciy myself . I come and go constantly for being here, my brother , things I follow . I work from time to time I agree. I've been here 4 days. 4 days is not say I place my sleep. My brother inside. we are mobilizing to save him . it was all troops from the surrounding quarries. everyone is trying , \"he said . Photo Bread gained Baha explaining that a big pain in search of his brother in the mine , \"it's a feeling like this, I keep my cool first. the first few days were very bad, but I kendimd currently a bit . a huge pain. Sometimes my eyes running out, walks into my dreams , me crying blood . inside I'm going , can we interest again in wonder for a moment before he. is 4 days in under the water. Where it is, we do not know on which side . There are 18 people already , \"he said .

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