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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 15:37

Mining of Business on Twitter Election

Mining of Business on Twitter Election
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Turkey Mine Workers'Union ( Maden-İş )'s mine workers , trade unions Elbistan Branch to determine the new management went to the polls in seven regions .

Kahramanmaraş news: Turkey Mine Workers'Union ( Maden-İş )'s mine workers , trade unions Elbistan Branch to determine the new management went to the polls in seven regions . Present in the branch presidency president presidential candidate with a fair Sergeant Flood raced Yanar list . Elbistan
Mining Workers'Union Branch 125 delegates will determine the management of the election race began. A total of 2 thousand 152 members in the Mining Workers'Union Branch Elbistan Elbistan 2, including for the election of delegates , Siirt, Sirnak , Kahramanmaras , Kayseri and Pınarbaşı'nda consisting of 7 different businesses in the area were placed chest . Afshar-Elbistan Elbistan Lignite ( AEL ) Coal Plant and Park Teknik A.Ş., the voting process began in the early hours of the morning . Extensive security measures taken before the elections . Presidential candidate in the elections , which previously only available to the outgoing president Lutfi joined forces with fair Bölükbaşı Stars presidential candidate with a list of common Flood Yanar list has 125 delegates to win the race . Zone 1 as specified in the elections in Elbistan total of 514 thousand members. Will be determined by a majority of 125 delegates will come from this region . Maden-İş Elbistan in Siirt Branch 200, Kayseri-Pınarbaşı'nda 161, 29 in Kahramanmaras , Kayseri has 28 members in the 101 and Silopi .
AEL founded in game No. 1 in the polls using the current president Bölükbaşı fair elections at his best wishes to all the mining communities found . Mineworkers from the 2nd semester for the support that they want Bölükbaşı, \"In 2011 when we took office a fair management will present and workers will always be there we have stated . 3-year tenure did in our studies and the resulting gains in our workers in the best way he knows. Labour colleagues their best way to represent that it believes will elect delegates believe . short time ago in a single list selection were going to have explained . Şuanda single list and selection have entered . Fund will arise from the results I have respect for . Workers of said will . Workers'our peace with peace of mind games using ., We , the winner of the mine workers I've struggled to be . again if given the task to us in our struggle will continue from where we left . already get better , \"he said .
flood Lights for President noted that the candidate for change . Since the mine workers would use their democratic rights and to represent them by registering elections will determine the names found in best wishes . Lights , \"Already I hope will be beneficial for everyone ,\"he said.

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