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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:32

Minister Abu Cavusoglu, met with Weil

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Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mevlut Cavusoglu, \"Our EU and we do not have any issue will take .

Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mevlut Cavusoglu, \"Our EU and we do not have any issue will take . Tit for tat like this, we do not have the desire to convert into a fight ,\"he said . Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator
Cavusoglu, Federal Republic of Germany Lower Saxony met in his office with Prime Minister Stephen Weil . Ministers Çavuçoğş , Weil's Turkey-Germany relations very great importance it attaches stressing that Germany's immigrants living in the integration followed attitude and because of dual citizenship in its struggle thanked for .
Germany and European citizens , and kin the countries they live to be integrated in the AK Party that they encourage the Minister said Cavusoglu, the Federal Parliament 11 Turkish origin MPs being , in the same way immigration and integration minister in charge of a Turkish origin being , Lower Saxony State Assembly of the Turks to take place and their today's Germany's in the community in many areas actively take part in this integration success on is an indication , he said.
SPD 's green and especially dual citizenship on his deal and in the coalition of the SPD with the support of the EU-Turkey dealings, Germany's support in a positive direction will change and this support will continue to increase expressed hope that the Minister Cavusoglu, the European Union expectations in Turkey in a friendly way to approach and pacta sunt servanda principle to comply with and signed partnership agreement also abide is stressed. Cavusoglu, \"In this respect, in particular to be opening chapters of the political obstacles should be overcome . Herein tit for tat expression in a positive sense , considering both sides do its part if these negotiations go more smoothly scroll and accelerated . Negotiation process after the end of everyone's membership to say about are mentioned . we also we desire is . recent months in our interviews also we met all the leaders it to confirm is positive. So our EU and any matter that will take we do not have . this tit for tat as a fight converting our desire is there . lately we have created a friendly dialogue environment with concrete steps to support believe that we should , \"he said .
Guest Prime Minister Weil every year in Turkey 5 million German citizens visited noting that the'incredible intensity'of relations noted that .
the studies according to the German education system is most successful in the group with Turkey origin Turkish girls that emphasizes Weil, as guest workers by families of children is very important squad came to pointed out .
dual citizenship in the Germany-wide is a step , but enough of them indicating whether Weil, more steps need to be taken , he said .
if the conditions are met Turkey's EU membership is an upcoming politician stressed that the positive Weil, a number of concerns regarding Turkey's EU membership , he said . Weil, quickly 23 and 24 chapters opened , the subject of the contents discussed , negotiated and amicable, and partners in a manner befitting an open and clear of issues need to be addressed , stressing that \"a team of chapters , Southern Cyprus or Cyprus click here reservations due to blocked that we do not understand . , Germany of course in this regard the attitude is very clear and clearly needs to show that we are also much more quickly this way we proceed , \"he said.

Minister Abu Cavusoglu, met with Weil" comments for.


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