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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:45

Minister Ala, Oltu

Minister Ala, Oltu
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Interior Minister Eid al-Adha Efak Ala Oltu came to pass in the quarry father went to the village .

Erzurum news:
Olt county at the entrance Olten Governor Gökan rich, Olten Mayor Abraham Ziyrek , corporate managers, many citizens by karşılandı.bak Al to come to meet heresl a one shaking hands conversations etti.ilç trades Sirri Akbulut, the ministers Ala made ​​with the chat duygulanarak cried whereupon the ministers press Efkar Al gave a message to the feast of the sacrifice . Interior Minister Al Ain today my brothers feast congratulate in particular the short or long path which will be kardeşlerimize very careful to be telling the speeding fine a little late to go no harm , but the bad news go the joy has hit the road when our family kavuşal I bayramlaşal my holiday joy live if I set off my brothers always very careful too slow and attention to themselves by driving their öneriyorum.öneml measures have received but statistics and show that a Turkey accidents in 95 percent of the evil human error driver inattention that care more than I would like , we took precautions in fines cutter we are in control we going to do anything but divine providence what she nezaman would appreciate that we do not know our part as human beings every measure is to take our precautions we've had drives at maximum sensitivity göstersinler both for themselves and their families in the whole of Islam brothers of our county Erzurumu our Oltumuz the feast of the sacrifice congratulate all together nice celebrations dedi.dah then districts convoy of vehicles with the left birth village Çanakpın to the village fathers quarry went to the interior minister on Sunday, the Oltuy the holy people of the district will come back .

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