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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:00

Minister Bayraktar, wrote in the book of urban transformation

Minister Bayraktar, wrote in the book of urban transformation
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Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdogan Bayraktar, their services in order to create livable cities 'Transformation of Cities' told us in his book.

Minister Bayraktar, in his book, in 1994, the period KİPTAŞ'tan Mayor of Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the established order of the General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Metropolitan Development Inc., TOKI Ministry of the Presidency exposed to the period of the struggle for the transformation of cities.

Book TOKI With its period of Presidency Minister Bayraktar, TOKI living in the fate of the failures of the organization to provide services appropriate to the purpose, in 2002, the ruling is based on an understanding of the public road the AK Party government, the bulk of the priorities of the executive residence reported sting written almost from the start.

TOKI narrow and middle-income citizens, low-cost solutions since 2003 producing a comprehensive approach to address the housing problem in Turkey developed representing the Minister Bayraktar, stressed that this approach is a milestone for the country's housing sector.


Minister Bayraktar, in his book, said the Chairman of TOKI the period of service for the sake of the nation shared their second fight. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Bayraktar, indicating that the Minister had made a strange destination to be next Gureba, said :"H INTEREST screen, which constitute the vast majority of the population, the prospects have been destroyed, the abandoned, the fundamental dynamics of the country of production To acquire new life to the activities of marginalized low-income citizens. Precisely for this reason, the first low-income groups of TOKI yoksulluklarıyladır fights. TOKI, this part of the long terms, as the homeowner pays the rent by making recovering from a heavy burden. shelter money spent on youth education is directed. thus handle breaking the vicious cycle of poverty."

bureaucratic obstacles pointed out that the struggle for the second largest TOKI Minister Bayraktar, during the presidency of legal regulations in the complexity of the authority, said they have ended the unnecessary formalities.

Minister Bayraktar TOKI FIGURES IN

Minister Bayraktar, chairman of the period by TOKI 81 provinces, 800 districts, 2 thousand 500 thousand housing production started at the construction site, he said. 420 thousand housing units offered for sale in this process, the completion of the sale of 390 thousand housing units in this context, for low and medium income groups, 201 thousand, 139 thousand housing for low-income and poor groups are produced, he said.

Erdogan Bayraktar, TOKI rendition figures explained:"TOKI within the scope of the activities of the investment cost of 35 billion pounds in 2003-2011 carried out the three thousand tender without transfer of the treasury budget, paid a total of 22 billion pounds of vesting. payments for this merit, As of October 2010 TOKI income from resource development projects, and developing the land sold (through the sharing of revenue) 4.4 billion pounds, 4.8 billion pounds of the total share of the company has been. 7.3 billion pounds were obtained from the sale of land. Other income generated were obtained from the sale of residential and commercial."

"all the bad scenarios SOLUTION TO DISASTER"

Minister Bayraktar, in his book, urban transformation and the reasons explained. Transformation of unplanned urbanization, it brought hundreds of plansızlığın stressed that a window of opportunity to get rid of the negative impact Minister Bayraktar, said :"A for the fete as a solution to all the bad scenarios prepared by the Law on Transformation of Disaster Risk Structures primarily in earthquakes, natural disasters likely to occur due to the loss of life and property will be avoided, at present yaşanabilirlikten away, inflexible, in terms of the safety of life and property at risk, the image can be removed by the ugly constructions, aesthetically pleasing structures to be built and more people healthy and safe conditions residence will be provided. forget that even the sole survivor of the value of a soul, beyond materiality. urban regeneration, insurance for Turkey's future. And Turkey has not time to lose."

Minister Bayraktar, the most curious about the book of the law of urban regeneration issues are also clarified. Bayraktar, book about, quick decision making, practical work, and the production and transformation of the art of getting the result code in this book, he said. The book is very nice, spontaneous language samples that included the Minister Bayraktar,"He's there to share the joys of the people buying the house key. Those children, those entering the lottery draw, as they have the time to share his excitement. Prayers hearing the joy, the excitement,"he said. 'Transform Cities, is slightly different from other books, representing the Minister Bayraktar,"I loved this book. Our people will also appreciate it, buyururlarsa accepted, it will give us a distinct pleasure."she said.

Minister Bayraktar, 2006, 'Slums and Urban Renewal', 2007, 'A Human Right to Housing' from the published books.

Minister Bayraktar, wrote in the book of urban transformation" comments for.


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