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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 12:24

Minister Cavusoglu, detained in Mosul Consulate was met with employees

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Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, 101 days held hostage by a terrorist organization Isidor Mosul Consulate General met with the staff at breakfast .

Ankara news: Cavusoglu, \"Good to know that I want you , you who did it fold and will pay . Republic of Turkey itself extending to the dirty and treacherous hands making opportunities will power and will have . It to you that also the fees paid will be ,\"he said .
Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, 101 days Mosul Consul in Mosul after being detained and brought to Turkey Ozturk Yilmaz, consulate staff and their families came together . Ankara Palace held a breakfast speech at the Ministerial Cavusoglu, \"Today is a happy moment together we share. Slots , your watts your once again welcome , I say. Longing's reunion turned into a scene together today share . Consul General Ozturk Yilmaz and colleagues, from the beginning of the Republic of Turkey that they represent and the country's nation's flag in Mosul waving remember that , \"he said .
101 days will have good news with the expectation that they live recording Cavusoglu,\"Hair of a single wire , even to avoid damage our President and the Prime Minister under the coordination of the night saying , day and every possibility we assessed and mobilized all of our've . During this process, we entrust to you your families hope to keep alive such a challenging mission had . Ozturk my brother that day said,'Believers people's despair not'promise all our nation's hearts are echoed in . neither you nor we of beer get our faith lost its unusual and we've reached a happy ending . By the state and the nation have survived a big exam successfully . The Republic of Turkey is a state that once bigger and stronger in this operation has been demonstrated to the whole world . Countries was also willing to help us . Which faith , no matter what denomination anywhere in the world if you have an oppressed and the victims were there and we're going . For us, humanity is always personal interests and interests is over , \"he said .
In Mosul experienced this unfortunate event as , unfortunately, in the past, terrorist organizations against Turkish representations treacherous attacks Noting that Cavusoglu, his speech continued:
\"up to this day in many places as a result of the terrorist attacks of 42 of our diplomats , and our seat for a member of our public officials have lost . I am here once again commemorate them . With your return to your nest we've already experienced a feast . Successfully jumped from behind you have another exam .'ve Brought you to our sister countries, 396 from Libya . Unfortunately, due to a heart attack there is a citizens lost their lives . We wish God's mercy . 700 thousand of our citizens from Libya recently brought to Turkey . In 2011, when the crisis in Libya again 10 days 25 thousand of our citizens were evacuated from Libya . \"
Cavusoglu , he said:
\"I want you to know this ; fold and will pay you for doing this . The Republic of Turkey extends its hands dirty and treacherous might and will have the opportunity to give . To you it shall be for those who paid the fees . God, we are not destined to live such an exam . God, our country and our nation encroachment on the opportunities that will not . \"
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a month allowing consular employee a gesture to the Minister Cavusoglu came from . Cavusoglu,\"especially the newly married couple just to you in Antalya welcomes you would like to . A weekend with their families after the holidays, we would like to welcome you in Antalya, \"he said.

Minister Cavusoglu, detained in Mosul Consulate was met with employees" comments for.


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