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  • 21 Kasım 2013, Perşembe 00:19

Minister Defends Nuclear Energy Star"diversify energy supplies in the event of a Country"

Minister Defends Nuclear Energy Star
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Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, Turkey eager to turn to nuclear energy, arguing that"a country must diversify its sources of energy,"he said.

Paris news: Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, Turkey eager to turn to nuclear energy, arguing that"a country must diversify its sources of energy,"he said.
Energy and Natural Resources Minister Yildiz, the French capital Paris, the chairman of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Energy Agency Executive Director Maria Van Der meetings Hoeven'la passing in front of the press, answered journalists' questions.
meetings, energy efficiency, climate change, technology and innovation to further exchange views on issues such as the relationship that some initiatives Star, meetings, also the role of the private sector in this relationship of mutual needs to be done, all segments and stated that the parties discussed their duties and responsibilities. General trends in the meeting, and in this context the continued dependence on hydrocarbons, the focus was on the increase in demand, the Minister expressed the Star said:
"This increase in energy and protect the strategic importance of the Middle East in the coming period is to shift trade to Asia is also emphasized. Zones and countries on the basis of competitiveness and the development of this power, the new production sources, with all of these, depending on energy prices and investments in infrastructure renewal differences were discussed in detail. environment, the relationship between energy and environmental friendliness in the picture all these approaches and reduce carbon dioxide emissions issues. meetings, participants also energy prices, investment costs, and it stood on the meeting.commissioning of new generation sources and types of expectations of progress has been stressed in this area."
The Minister pointed out that the energy sector should not burden the environment of Stars,"for which the advantages of using the world of energy, environmental disadvantages should not leave their children inherit. environment in this sense, although I do not, I believe that the environment is an important and valuable energy projects to do together,"he said.

to a journalist's question answering steps taken by Turkey on nuclear energy minister Taner Yildiz, a country to diversify energy sources, countries diversify, diversify routes must . Such a source of nuclear energy, an energy type. Each has advantages and disadvantages as well as an energy source,"he said.
Pointed out that today exceeds the reality of perception Stars,"the risks of nuclear power plants and the risk of missionaries in the international arena have analyzed a number of universities,"he said. Nuclear power plants in many life habit , there are risks to be faced with a much lower rate, indicating that the Minister Taner Yildiz risks,"But perception is not the case in our minds. Governments are obliged to deal with the facts. And you do know that the threat deals. There were 144 nuclear power plants in the world after the Chernobyl accident. And the third one was a major accident, but 442 was one plant. Is continuing to be made. There are 62 units in the design first. It is very interesting now in France, in Paris. Half of all the world's nuclear power plants in the United States, Japan and France. Looking at the place in the world know the sequence of the Gross Domestic Product. That's why the world is the fact that nuclear power plants. And when you look at in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, when you look at in terms of environmental factors, risk analysis is a cleaner source of energy to share the source of energy,"he said.
"We want to diversify NUCLEAR POWER PLANT KURUP"
Minister Yildiz, Turkey, natural gas, coal, water, wind, and geothermal plants in the solar power plants are being set up, but there is no nuclear power plant, saying,"We set up nuclear power plants in the energy diversification would like to make it,"he said.
Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz spoke as follows:
"Again it was very interesting, in Turkey the share of renewable energy sources in electricity generation energy two times that of the EU member states. So close to 26'lar percent. We're proud of it. At least 30 per cent think that the sticker. Therefore, the most powerful structures should be building nuclear power plants. Countries such. Of course, respectfully welcome the decision to abandon nuclear power plant in some countries. Also carefully watching them, but in some countries to give up nuclear power plants does not mean the closure of plants in full knowledge of the age would like to underline. Signed an agreement on a new nuclear power plant in Great Britain 40 billion pounds. There are those who prefer, there are those who prefer not to. Turkey among the countries who choose to."
The Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan before 51 unit is switched on and in operation Minister pointed out that the Stars,"we in Japan, Japan's technology, confident. We looked at ourselves, we still rely on after the accident in Fukushima. They deserve it. A number of exceptions to the general rules for all managers know that will not change. But as I said, is a frequently discussed the nuclear issue. I have respect for those who choose to nuclear power, as I have respect for those who do not opt ​​for any reason whatsoever. Democracy also requires it. Caused by the geography of each country and the good of the advantages and disadvantages need to act accordingly also. We treat them that way,"he said.

Minister Defends Nuclear Energy Star"diversify energy supplies in the event of a Country"" comments for.


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