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  • 26 Ekim 2012, Cuma 14:45

Minister Ergin:Bayramdaki look forward to a sustained ceasefire

Minister Ergin:Bayramdaki look forward to a sustained ceasefire
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Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin, Syria wished to be permanent ceasefire provided for the Feast of Sacrifice.

Sadullah Ergin, Minister of Justice, provided the cease-fire in Syria due to Feast of the Sacrifice wished to be continuous.

Sadullah Ergin, the AK Party deputies Hatay Iskenderun Municipality Orhan Karasayar and Mehmet Öztürk and Social Facilities' the protocol in the holy ceremony. Iskenderun Governor Ali Ihsan Water, Mayor Joseph Civelek protocol and the people with the participation of military and civilian bayramlaştı Erkan.

air after Bayramlaşma the sunny coast of Iskenderun in Sadullah Ergin, Minister of Justice who took the chance to be visited. Ergin, Minister of Water in the port of Iskenderun Governor Ali Ihsan began to Egypt and gave information about Ro-Ro services. Prefect of water,"TIR sent by sea to a more secure port of Iskenderun."he said.

Iskenderun Mayor Joseph Civelek to the beach and the pier was built with environmental regulations was the Minister Ergin technical information.

coast of Iskenderun in a hurry-up the tea drinker Minister Ergin, referring to the issue of Syria,"We hope that the cease-fire from the Feast of Sacrifice and he is constantly cut off the end of war."he said.

Minister also addressed the issue of the limits of Hatay and the metropolitan Ergin,"Important issues show the limits of the sensitivity of the parsing problem does not matter if we do not believe that the problems will be resolved more quickly. İskenderun and Antakya, such as disruption of the integrity of is not the case. anyone on this matter decomposition rhetoric is not useful for the questions I think."he said.

Payas'ın Minister Ergin also addressed the issue of the district is,"do not be a problem in Payas. Prime minister gave necessary instructions. District 30 thousand limit the number of population was to be provided to the district and Payas'ın was. Payas boundary problems have been resolved with the proposal."he said.

Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin coast of Iskenderun by MPs and Party members walk for a while, throwing beach tour in Ankara strain spent agenda.

Minister Ergin:Bayramdaki look forward to a sustained ceasefire" comments for.


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