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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:15

Minister Hunter in Eskisehir

Minister Hunter in Eskisehir
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Minister of Education Nabi Avci, \"The law proposal through the courts to be established in the Ministry of Education traps to neutralize a considerably more hope ,\"he said .

Eskişehir news: Minister of Education Nabi Avci, \"The law proposal through the courts to be established in the Ministry of Education traps to neutralize a considerably more hope ,\"he said .
by the Organization for the AK Party Eskisehir Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. ( TÜLOMSAŞ ) Wedding Hall speaking at the feast program Nabi Avci Minister of Education , especially for the Ministry of Education conducted a very systematic disinformation campaign said. By the Ministry conducted several studies talking about the Minister Hunter, \"Who the wheel disturb that , who stepped on your foot that we , who looms spoil we know that for her disinformation campaigns strange not but these issues some basic information shared the useless that we know . Particular classroom private schools conversion process began since the Ministry of Education of the many activities related to certain media outlets serious distortions service was made. them at the beginning of exams related to the security of the publications coming. Ministry of National Education of Turkey's most examiner institution. Only the Ministry of Education's own courses does not , at the same time the Ministry of Education with the capabilities of many public institutions also exam is done . Consequently the Ministry of Education Successful candidates also more exams does . many years, but makes the last few years in this regard we have developed thanks to measures test the reliability of the greatly increased and this one was very uncomfortable . Cancellations can not find a clear questions about security on our Ministry of Education embarked upon the study of attrition . One of the most striking examples of this last year, the last time we lived on the occasion of the SBS exam . In June last year, made ​​the appeal in July on SBS questions and everything is going to court on the court on January 15 after the full six months later decided to stop playing . We then since the beginning of the'No child will be a victim of us , our child gains nothing from school will not be sent somewhere else'he said. Indeed, this also kept our promise and execution decision in a timely manner as required by the re-reading've already done . One million 200 thousand from child to child only four amendments were necessary. I'm telling because one million 200 thousand our children and their families so closely related in a matter of a full 6 months waiting execution decision giving the same court abroad, a school serving in our school principal , national education hierarchy, not his brother looking at their processes for doing recalled . Our decision six days before the same court agreed with the decision to stop the execution . One million 200 thousand children 6 months to a matter concerning our report card full of kids waiting and decided to stop the execution about to take the court for a single person who decided six days . This example in particular the Ministry of Education what kind of obstacles in the struggle for our children , our youth , our teachers , our administrators try to serve a striking example , \"he said .
Bags Under the law, Turkey Grand National Assembly (Parliament) they offer legislative proposals that mentions Minister Hunter, \"we say there OSYM Ministry of Education and appeals related to the examinations have finished the exam is done within 10 days , the court will also decide , within one month , the appeals are settled within 10 days . Thus, we have done our exams in June, in July, according to court titles we done with it until the middle of August . Such a law like to offer hope all our deputies with the support of the courts of the Ministry of Education to be established pitfalls so to a certain extent more defused , we will have hope , \"he said .
Courses conversion program began with disinformation with the children's classroom needs the illusion that there are , but this illusion is broken Minister noted that the hunter, \"now schools and teachers to the center came . Parents and school teachers is of the essence , that class , the teacher that they do now. Despite this, we all want our children to take the supplement during the weekend course will give free supplements . Our children who have finished school to prepare for college for them when they need reinforcement in public training centers will open similar courses . This is so simple , so clear that even a statement was distorted . Social media training in the Ministry of Education is making to 6 days on Saturdays, the school was gonna be a campaign was launched . Not mandatory and paid for this one , \"he said.
Ministry of National Education Ministry's corporate culture that is too high Pointing out that the Minister Hunter, \"we often say Turkey for 11 years, lives a quiet revolution in the most striking examples are living in national education . Ministry of National Education Ministry's corporate culture is one which is very high . Minister in the Ministry with the amendment policy change. In particular, the same party in power at the time of Ministers drawn varies as the direction changed, remains unchanged. Recently, arrangements were made by subtracting successive regulations has accelerated the process of change , but the reason for this omission is not before us friends Ministers , Ministers of our friends before us had to do the duties collide with the statute . The simplest regulation changes even or judgment or Cankaya out defused the time we passed through , \"he said.
University entrance conducted on the disinformation about the work speaking Minister of Education Nabi Avci, said:
\"The Ministry of Education HEC , SSPC and to TUBITAK're working concurrently but one year of university entrance system is not a system to be changed in a year . Be considered very good , good calculation and a critical issue that needs to be put into practice . So far,'said a system to foresee such an arrangement will do , \"he make a statement Although we have from time to time to other countries examples of distorted Kazakhstan model , coming from America, a new model was found as originally conceived especially for high school students preparing for university students and their families'heads the implementation of a disinformation to confuse saw . As our young people not to let none of them . We completed our work when we elaborate on this in a way that results with the public share. \"
School administrators 4 YEARS EVALUATION
at the same institution over 4 years as a manager who has principal and brought on to help with the rules of Ministers speaking Hunter, \"Our managers will continue to perform their duties if successful , they will not continue to serve if they are not successful . To identify criteria for success have developed close to 100 . These criteria to measure each school administrators district directors of education , the county assignment in charge of the branch manager , PTA president at the school, the most senior and most junior teachers , this 100 criteria manager over electronically evaluate let this eventually 75 and over , scores officers continued their fine . How many people are in this situation ? If you look at some of publication of hundreds of thousands of people trying to change positions . No, in this case 60 percent of the 16 thousand people there and it will meet these criteria 70 . These criteria will see in the coming years to bring real benefits . We also see that our teachers welcomed and are trying to improve , \"he said .
\"We are revamping their VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL \"
on February 28 that the transfer of vocational education very seriously blow Minister Hunter, \"to compensate for this we are revamping our vocational school . For this, we have started some pilot applications . For this, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association and the Labor and Social Security with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies Ministry and coordinated manner, are working in , \"he said .
especially in recent days, often from the agenda the fight against drugs related to the work carried out in connection with speaking Ministers Hunter, \"with specific purposes raised , but a serious problem with the fight against drugs in the last Council of Ministers, a decision taken should the relevant Ministry of the which brought together the top board was formed, the fight against drugs . Here, in coordination with the Ministry of Health Minister of Education, Minister of Justice , Minister of Youth and Sports , Family and Social Policy Minister and Minister of Interior is working. Each ministry itself in terms of the measures taken in the fight against drugs share with other Ministries . This topic concerns us most in our schools who are most at risk because our . The next academic year from our schools and the environment in this regard the measures taken everyone feel deeply I can tell you , \"he said .
Program AK Party Eskisehir MPs Saleh husband and Ulker , the AK Party provincial chairman Dundar Celebrity, party leaders and joined the party .

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