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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:04

Minister Hunter:All textbooks and Ataturk's official national anthem (1)

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National Education Minister Nabi Avci, textbooks, with a picture of Ataturk and the Turkish flag has responded to allegations that the National Anthem is removed.

Minister Hunter, National Anthem, Ataturk and the Turkish flag is a picture of the current textbooks, however, said that the guide books. Hunter,"pursuant to the Regulation of Ataturk, the Turkish flag picture, there is the National Anthem textbooks. However, the guide books do not have such an obligation required by the regulation. Because the guide book application then something started. But just as some private publishing houses as well as some guide books, textbooks, Atatürk's image, and while the national anthem, and some does not put."she said.

Minister Hunter, 2013-2014 Year Opening Reception Criminal Justice Joins Eskişehir. Speaking at the ceremony, President of the Bar Association Lawyer Reza Öztek Eskisehir, showing a book into the hands during his speech,"in the books of Ataturk, the Turkish flag removed from the image, and the National Anthem."he reacted. Hunter then he came home minister, the president of the bar association on the words of Ataturk, the Turkish flag with a picture of the national anthem not removed from textbooks, textbooks According to the regulations of all of them is available, he said. However, in some guide books Ataturk, the Turkish flag and the national anthem official, the Minister pointed out that the regulation does not take place Hunter, said:"B u teacher's books, National Anthem, there is no photo of Ataturk and the Turkish flag was the question on the motion. muttali I've been on this occasion the subject. our study who saw the book there are three types of schools. has a textbook, a study book. This is also to help teachers and students. I also have a guide book. Guide books, teacher's guide books. So the teacher how he will handle the course, the class how to put inside of books about strategy. So help teachers books."


regulation on this issue, which is what will happen at the beginning of the book engages the Minister underlined that the issues only textbooks Hunter, said :"S for the regulation and provision of textbooks have ADEC. becomes the National Anthem, Ataturk is a formal, is the Turkish flag. these books a must for the entire course, there are all books. Question exhumed textbooks that are subject to the proposal. has incorrect information out there. they all have textbooks. So wherever required by the regulation of Ataturk, There are photos of the Turkish flag and the national anthem. you do not have a problem. Mr. textbook is not the president of the bar association, the guide told me about the book."


Guide books, if this obligation because of the application of the guide book and then began voicing Minister Hunter, said:"A ma publishing some special , just some guide books as well as textbooks, Ataturk, a picture of the Turkish flag, national anthem says. Some also does not put. This is not a new practice. So I was wondering who I was backwards. wonder that previously were placed in the guide books Such a practice started years. question this year, according to the proposal subject to say that I think that there is a change here. But 'no', but in the past years some of the guide books, some not. But that's not such a necessity in accordance with the regulation guidebooks to."

Minister Hunter:All textbooks and Ataturk's official national anthem (1)" comments for.


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