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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:40

Minister of Education, Hunter, Arrived in Kastamonu

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Minister of Education Nabi Avci said that stirred the country wishes to move from the outside provocateurs.

Minister of Education Nabi Avci said that stirred the country wishes to move from the outside provocateurs. Photo Hunter, AK Party Kastamonu Province Kastamonu Consultative Assembly came to attend the meeting. Ilgaz morning at the provincial and district directors of education held a meeting with Hunter, then came to the Sheriff's Baci Teachers . Hunters He met with party members , Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's greetings noting that bring Kastamonu , \"Kastamonu martyrs is the destination , the saints are in . Yesterday Hakkari Yüksekova a treacherous attack martyrs fallen brother , I wish God have mercy on the martyrs land.'Families and our nation , Turkey I wish condolences to the Armed Forces. the head of our nation get it right , \"he said . Photo Kastamonu martyrs resort and Hunter pointed out that in the saints , said:\"You know our culture Evtad-in Erba (four poles ), he is a phrase There is . Evtad-i Erba term , Anatolian symbolizes the four of us big people that make homeland. Haci Bektas-i Veli Hadrat , Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Hadrat , Hacı Bayram Veli nibs and Shaykh Shabani parents symbolizes the nibs . So in this saint land of Hazrat Pir's presence with you I am very happy with it. \"Photo March 30 Local Authorities winner of the Municipality of Kastamonu in elections Hunter congratulated the AK Party Kastamonu organization , he continued as follows:\"The great performance because you have shown in the last election , I congratulate you. Mayoral election ultimately Kastamonu you show for the occasion to introduce the AK Belediyecilikle I thank individually each of you for your efforts . in the morning we had a meeting with coming here in Ilgaz district Director of Education . There we review the educational problems of Kastamonu. our 19 district manager in Kastamonu and I bıyıklıyız us to be . not one woman district we have no national training manager. this is not just Kastamonu-specific weaknesses . our one in their centers Us teşkilatımızın our General Manager as there are evil eye . However, consists of our teaching staff, our 51 per cent of the lady. so our lady of our teachers in the majority. 51 percent of our teachers 98 percent of men , ladies , but our managers . This does not happen. Of course, there are various reasons for this . To this day, women , ladies , ladies because teachers are more generally prohibits a lot of nonsense to the front of all the ladies working in the public sector was not enthusiastic enough at the point unfortunately come to this stage . Because they knew that this or cut the front of this reason. So we can evaluate the number of our brothers wife to this day , unfortunately, was not so much as our manager . But after this we saw with the elimination of these obstacles hope here , democratic attitude, this always sung words, gender equality or opportunity to the concept of equality proper attitude, the bureaucracy , as each area is in politics also hope we have implemented . \"Photo In Turkey, any reason for violence , Hunter explained that no excuse for resorting to terrorism , adding that he continued:Photo:\"Terror , to talk in that can be obtained from the normal political channels from normal democratic Turkey , nothing is impossible to achieve strongly against terrorism is . But lately , especially the efforts of those who want to mix our house as a reflection of the events around us has increased. In recent days, particularly increased. Therefore, only the remaining provinces exposed to terrorism, Turkey is not in town , we need to keep our cool head and common sense in our general . We collected the 23 provinces of Mardin, director of national education in the region last week . We visited schools being attacked in Mardin. We met with our managers and teachers there . Both our own observations, who both transferred to us shows that . \"Photo Kopani events were burning as an excuse and looting attempts that are emphasizing that he has nothing to do with actual residents of the City Hunter, said:\"All the events have been carried out outside brought in carrying out provocateurs . So Mardin, Bitlis, Van, Bitlis , or the proportion of the population because of the central district of the village , he did not approve of such events has begun to show very clearly . In school we visited in our educational institutions , especially that of women in Mardin and our courses , transmitted to us residents , especially ladies, have shown very serious cansiperane to prevent attacks on our institutions. But he did perform these actions by provocateurs carrying stones these ladies in person . It is associated with no democratic or social demand is no justifiable demand side. I only say this much is enough. Our government in this area in the last three years, 23 the number of teachers sent to the province me give an example from my own field. Citizens are already seeing the others. Bridges , tunnels, hospitals, airports are already seeing citizens. The number of teachers in the last three years we have sent to 100 thousand . 23 provinces in the last three years we have done 100 thousand new teachers appointment. Turkey was the new 40 teacher assignment . The 29 thousand have been assigned in these 23 provinces. Turkey in the average occupancy rate is 88 percent of the teachers . Is 92 percent in the East . 89 percent in the Southeastern Anatolia Region \"tells Photo of East Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia occupancy rate of teachers is on the whole Turkey Hunting , finished by saying:\"You can make these comparisons in each area. In transportation, to show how much of an indication that the flow of investments. In education, in justice , there is no safety in anything that may be requested by violence in every area . In the past it was not an excuse . But at least I say that as an excuse to talk circulated around . They can not be cited as an excuse for terrorism if the lack of any of them. Now that Mr. Prime Minister, I share with the public at various occasions security reform package , aims to greatly facilitate the fight against the terror group under the direction of the movement of foreign intelligence agencies . We have to take these measures . Where there is nothing taboo because of public safety. At first priority is public safety. Our government , our state and our nation is committed to ensuring public safety. With all the requirements of this regulation shall be made a commitment . \"Photo

Minister of Education, Hunter, Arrived in Kastamonu" comments for.


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