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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:23

Minister of Education, Hunter, Mayor Visits

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Minister of Education Nabi Avci , said they planned parking sympathy to the lower parts of the school yard .

Minister of Education Nabi Avci , said they planned parking sympathy to the lower parts of the school yard . Photo Hunter, Kastamonu visited the municipality received information about the study conducted by the municipality . Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin father and was welcomed by the deputy mayor of Ministers Hunter, after years of stating Kastamonu real belediyecilikle met, said it would continue in the coming period. In addition to working in harmony to local governments
central government city's hands of all actors addressed by giving to benefit the citizens of the synergies arising from the operation Minister emphasized that Hunter, \"we can solve so far problems resulting from being unable capture these synergies together with hands together. how about to contribute to solving the problems of the city of gardens of our schools we are completing our work. it is worth to say that in order to avoid misunderstandings . We do not mean the project evaluation parking our garden. the school will remain as it was in the garden. our students and employees no problem in enjoying the garden facility . Only under the establishment of suitable underground parking project. School is not in the garden , about the parking foreseen done under the garden. We have said that we look hot in this project , \"he said . Photo Kastamonu province of tourist hunters that the transfer of a wide range of opportunities in terms of potential , \"So far unfortunately did not see this potential interest and publicity . Our lawmakers to close it would have introduced in recent years and the tourism potential of our local managers in the coming years all Kastamonu Turkey. This place deserves , \"he said . Photo Ministers Hunter, also stating that in the 130'unc anniversary of Abdurrahmanpaş high school from the beginning of high school first established in Anatolia plan to arrive in Kastamonu , \"Next year , Abdurrahmanpaş to our high school, 130'unc organizations to celebrate its anniversary. I hope this celebration will be held in April we were in we will participate , as long as there is no problem , \"he said . That the Minister hunters to information about the work carried out by the Photo Municipality Mayor is Tahsin father , said:\"Kastamonu is a city alive with history and culture. Our city is still experiencing this historic and cultural texture . We are trying our power to raise our town's historical monuments . We prepare our restoration projects to the particular historic mansion and sketches . In this regard, we are in consultation with our in our province all institutions \"Photo Municipality of Kastamonu in schools and in this context with the social responsibility projects to President His father explains that they have the support of all kinds , \"the vast majority of our schools are located within our city . Beautiful look of our school , we provide all kinds of support to come forward with landscaping and social structure. Plus the gardens and the way we take care of our schools. In this context, it was about 4 million pounds of our investment in our schools. They continue . Our children , is of great importance to us. We are not for the next election , we are working for our future generations , \"he said . President pointed out that the city's parking was an issue
father , \"We have received enough. That's why you look forward to your support for the use of the parking lot of our school garden. Could use as a car park at the garden of our schools to traffic congestion in our city and parking will have to find a solution to the problem, \"he said . Tahsin then Mayor of Photo Talk father , Minister Hunter Kastamonu gave the gift basket consisting of local products . Then the Minister Hunter, Sheikh Şaban-His Holiness also visited the tomb of Veli , left town . Photo

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