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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 23:25

Minister of Justice Ergin:The Prime Minister will announce the democratization package

Minister of Justice Ergin:The Prime Minister will announce the democratization package
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Minister of Justice Ergin, said it was not a new development on democratization package.

Prime Minister's statement on the issue would

voicing adult, the ringleaders of the terrorist organization PKK, Cemil Bayık'ın not make statements to the controversy, he said.

due to the start of the new judicial year, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) Pool Garden are given koktey. President of the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey participated in radically Text Feyzioğlu, Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin evaluated and description for it.

"a party with 50 per cent votes, 50 percent of cabinet ministers, ministers of 30 per cent 30 per cent of votes Let the party. Contrast 'yes', they say they support it with all our strength."Feyzioğlu said, when it comes to their own business is different, often referred to when there is no proportional representation, he argued. Feyzioğlu, 20-odd pages of representative democracy to find the relative nature of the speech perceived as an admission of stick waving the other discourse, he said.

Feyzioğlu'nun fundamentally involved in the Minister of Justice Ergin,"50 percent of the vote, 50 per cent of cabinet ministers 'Let sini"answered the description."Hullo, I really admire the strength and logic of here."Ergin said, in speaking of it Yassıada Feyzioğlu'nun courts and coup attempts today assessing the ongoing impact of a suitable form of reasoning is stressed.

"removes 10 MPs Hatay, Hatay AK Party, the first party, the 10 MPs from all popular vote but does not take the AK Party in Ankara. 5 of them from the AK Party, CHP has four of them, one of them has to take the MHP. This is what I meant."said Minister Ergin said :"E OTHER compare Mr. President wants to do in this instance. apples and oranges was able to collect today, yet keeps the same account. reflecting each other in a large number will not go into, but that's the topic of conversation. in a dialogue with the President of the Bar Association is a not want to be in this manner. Ministry of the 5th year. different from the previous president, but the thoughts are much different than the style of the language used in the form of dialogue. Mr. Feyzioğlu'nun own unique attitude, style, but where the duties as may be How many times have all these things in mind, I think it would be more accurate performance by evaluating the language."

studies on democratization package when it is a question to be completed adult, specifying whether or not a new development in this regard the public to share the Prime Minister himself said that it . This is explained in the month on the question of açıklanmayacağının Minister Ergin,"Do not stay I hope, I hope that will not tarry."she said.

Cemil Bayık'ın statements on the question of the ringleaders of the terrorist organization PKK, Ergin noted that performs polemic statements."In this way, the process of communication is not possible to conduct this work."Ergin said, the question of whether there is deterioration"We have our own healthy roadmap operates according to our data."has paid off.

Minister of Justice Ergin:The Prime Minister will announce the democratization package" comments for.


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