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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:27

Minister Praises to Ms. Alam

Minister Praises to Ms. Alam
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Interior Minister Efkar Ala, visited the AK Party Balikesir organization.

Balıkesir news: Ministers praise the lady said Ala Party , said in a separate political movement quality ladies floor . Photo Ministers Ala, here in his speech addressed to the party , the party emphasized lady. Efkan Ala, \"Party organization we are vessels appointed principal of democracy. The things that make our place feeding both our democracy both party democracy and to increase its capacity. I find it particularly political participation of ladies from care very significant. Because politics reflecting the approach to the ladies of the issue to the streets and halls . Ladies subject in hand if they make it more gently in a more relaxed manner , the earth in soluble noise . Men in comparison with some less qualified lady about it. the fact that so has been operating in an active form of you in the AK Party not only in Turkey , our region in a very meaningful. for years, in various formats or social tradition , our reason can not take the state's mind with why irrational rules, practices of government agencies cause had suffered with , it troubles that the ways to overcome without resorting to violence in the matter of our ladies showed the community is adding a different quality to our political movement , \"he said .
party after visiting their countrymen who want to visit from Erzurum in Balıkesir Ala Interior Minister , visited a coffee shop in the Bahçelievler district . Al Minister showed great interest in their fellow countrymen , where he chatted with people drinking tea. Erzurum-loving citizens taking a child into her lap and gift-giving Al Ministers , then listened to the problems of fellow countryman . Photo Ministers Ala, was separated from the city by completing the Balıkesir visit.


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