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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:21

Minister Sword in Eskisehir

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To participate in various programs from Eskisehir Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatay Sword, observations in the field of stadium construction was ongoing .

Eskişehir news:
Sazova stadium construction area is located in the neighborhood of the Minister Sword , authorities received information about ongoing studies . Sword Minister also met with construction workers , workers easily wished . Minister Sword In addition, members of the press building into before entering the helmets wear cautioned found .
Of Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Huseyin Aksoy by the stadium layout information of the Minister Sword, then Eskisehirspor Club President Massoud bye team and stadium listened to their wishes and suggestions about . Minister Sword of the work go faster , stating that next season Eskişehirspor'un match the new stadium will play , he said.
In Turkey, the newly built stadium in the technology and structure on the most prominent elements used stated that the Minister Sword, \"all state according to their own example that there are areas . this stadium too. really currently ongoing construction of structures within the technology and the structure of the world of the present construction industry's leading elements are used. most leading the techniques and technologies used. surface of a heated state already and the area really more than state our . Currently our ministry in the eyes of studies also state to the habitat of density translated and just match the game , but social as a destination for the youth. Tribune received serious areas there . around There are different spots along with areas that can be used . example, various studies have Mersin Stadium . This study have different in different stadiums . It will be in Konya , \"he said .
task falls to local governments also noted that the Minister Sword , said:
\"Because they also made ​​good use of the investment , for intensive use they have to work their part . Central government and at the same time as we are connected to our Ministry , some studies also think about our youth centers . Because these areas are already available there . The suitable place for our young people , our citizens , all our public service by offering both the works is also very worth seeing as well as your clubs in different ways that you can get income to get both sports will give different contributions can their evaluation is currently on trying . Because it is not just to do . They also need to live . Hopefully in that direction, our work will continue. \"
Minister Sword , stadium construction separated from the Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate's Odunpazarı Youth Centre visited. Closed to the press , which was after the visit Minister Sword , the AK Party Eskisehir Province Meeting of the Presidential Advisory Council are expected to attend .

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