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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 19:33

Minister Sword , Party Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Liaison Office

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Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatay Sword, Provincial Chairman of AK Party, held in the neighborhood of the Yıldıztepe Goztepe , Gültepe, Yenikent and Yılldıztep District Representatives attended the opening ceremony .

Eskişehir news: Speaking at the ceremony
Minister Sword , they did a great job in Turkey and stated that they would succeed . Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's words reminiscent of the Minister Sword , \"say no more there's no need . That's why we call it or not words produce is important . We together with you Eskisehir in Turkey too big work was done until today . Then too accomplish great things, we will also believe. received from you last national will represent the mission also under no circumstances scorn will not. Others will concentrate but stand erect will not , \"he said .
in Turkey within 20 days president , the government and the president changes that and calmly continued to work in that the Minister noted Kilic, said:
\"In Turkey, the government changes , the prime minister changes , the presidency changes painful it would be , but the AK Party, under the leadership of democracy that has been reached in August saw . within 20 days president , the government and the president change was and everything in Turkey has continued to work just fine in a calm manner . Extraordinary no case did not happen. founded in 2001, our party here on a 12-year iktidarlıg are opening a neighborhood representative and you can see the crowd . Our time and our solidarity with the events so small , simple jobs that could be affected , it is not weak enough to be destroyed . Unity of the state and the nation of the Republic of Turkey will be times , we are confident that . Our youth unity and solidarity in our country strong tomorrow will bring . \"
After the ceremony, the AK Party Provincial President visiting Minister Sword , the party's district mayors met . Closed to the press that took place after the program's Minister Sword , Eskişehir Osmangazi University campus located in area visited the girls'dormitories . closed to the press after the departure of the visit Minister Sword , Eskisehir Train Station at 19.30 from the high speed train moving on the road to go to Ankara .

Minister Sword , Party Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Liaison Office" comments for.


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