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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 13:26

Minister Sword:\"Nobody's Prostrate we place Vara Shoes Printing with No Rights \"

Minister Sword:\
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Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatai Sword, \"No one's life should we bend our belief that one has no right to press the point where we have to prostrate shoes .

Samsun news: Especially army boots has no right to enter , \"he said .
Minister Sword , carried out in the district of Samsun Vezirköprü his party joined the 5.Olag the Congress. Ministers Akif Chagatai Sword, the Israeli government of Masjid-i is made ​​with Aksa has criticized sanctions harsh language . Minister Sword , \"Al-Aqsa is our first qibla . Al-Aqsa Mosque is entrusted to us , the owner is Lord . But as Muslims, is entrusted to us as believers. We are the opposite of faith , we come from ordering to respect the faith traditions. Contact the orders are welcome. Our expectation is that only . Show us the same respect we show our size . What is more, no less . We expect the same from you. About us Our ancestors , our past , our ancestors ruler while in the same area , while the servant was not differentiate between anyone. Everyone faith and tradition has given guarantee for the survival of the customs. Has protected him. Now they persecuted those who are currently appointed persecution that 500 years ago our ancestors has sent ships to them. Because our faith is not persecution , is to help the persecuted . Whoever they are . If the persecuted , oppressed if we can help resolve it. Is the most honorable of human creatures . Ashraf is creatures . Here beside those oppressed because of this feature and we stood our ancestors . But he oppressed became the oppressors of the day these days. No one's life should have no right to push our belief that we have to prostrate on the ground with shoes that we leaned one point. Especially army boots has no right to enter . Everyone will know his limitations , \"he said . Stating that the Israeli government to make the proper management of a Photo Minister Sword , \"brings clarity voiced by Prime Minister who expressed them in conversation with the President of the Islamic world . We have to get ourselves to a different point of self-criticism by our union and our solidarity . Syria is also close to 300 thousand people died . But those who say they are in the middle for justice, for democracy that they did not much sound in the middle of people who fought for democracy. We need to think well of them . Our President did not want to know what you mean when some of the world is greater than 5 . They understand what you're saying they're coming from anlamamazlık . Therefore we will never raise our voices on these issues stand back. Zulma will not submit. We will continue to be the utter cruelty . As clear-cut as that's all anyone needs to know that you pull to the left to the right. Our concern is that the current Israeli government UnAdIr our fight is not correct in terms of state management is our rebellion . Members of the Jewish faith in our people, our citizens are the ones that are in different parts of Istanbul and Turkey . They are our citizens. We live with them. They are part of our culture. That have taken place in the civilization in this land. We have no problem with them. But those who persecuted , we have a problem with them , \"he said .
Edited also in the congress of the AK Party MKYK Member Ahmet Demircan, the AK Party Samsun deputies Ahmet new and Mustafa Demir, Chairman of AK Party Samsun Provincial Fuat Köktaş Vezirköprü Mayor Ibrahim Sadiq Edis , party members and invitees .

Minister Sword:\"Nobody's Prostrate we place Vara Shoes Printing with No Rights \"" comments for.


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