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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:34

Minister Veysel Eroglu in Düzce

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Water Affairs and Forestry Minister Veysel Eroglu, \"Turkey came to the game of one state will not nourish the terrorist organization.

Water Affairs and Forestry Minister Veysel Eroglu, \"Turkey is not a terrorist organization came to be supplied to the state of one game . We'll never let a terrorist ,\"he said . Photo of Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroglu, the AK Party Provincial Advisory Council attended the meeting. Pelemir Hotel also spoke at the meeting that the wide participation of Minister Veysel Eroglu , all stating that in the eyes of the Islamic world, Turkey said:\"All up to the Libyan Islamic world from Arakan . Everyone from the Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Caucasus is looking at you looking at Turkey. so upon our liability Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Sultan much more than a liability of a citizen living Solomon timely manner. in a landmark . took place what events refer to this time of history . What's going on . he said our President in recent days . on one side of Isidor other side PYD also in their hands There are American weapons have others have weapons American hands. How come these. as a result, they say Kobani'yi to Turkey does not do anything why . If someone says'you're hungry Turkey corridor , Turkey should enter . \"Photo regardless there a difference from all the people eventually embrace as human Erdoğl explaining they opened , \"We just opened our doors to everyone in Turkey throughout history, not them today. Now Kopani or from Iraq , get Yezit want people from Syria , whether Arab , whether Turkmen whether we Kurds all we push our embrace as human beings. Turkey is the only country to do so . We actually extremely civilized , humane. In our culture there . We love all people. So it continues to Turkey was doing its job . Turkey came to the game of one state will not nourish the terrorist organization. I want to emphasize to summarize it. There are nested into the game. They killed our soldiers mask covering his face with a team . They never will not let you. Molotov that assignment. Molotov will count as weapons. We will never allow terrorism. So he made ​​a number of legal regulations , \"he said . Photo Photo PURPOSE OF NATIONS OF FOREIGN TOGETHER to LOWER Photo Minister Eroglu, if in connection with the settlement process said:\"continue the solution process we have to . Each other in order to reduce the nation of foreigners. We also very clear just what is planned . Divide and swallow . Is colliding with each other. This event is the Middle East. You're saying would rush to one side golly gosh saying the other would rush . There are those who are inside the same religion in the same race. But unfortunately, someone is using them as pawns . We start the solution process. Because the solution process of further strengthening our unity and solidarity and the creation of a climate of peace in this beautiful region. It was getting to be provided. \"Photo Minister Veysel Eroglu said that the last time point of the 2015 elections. Photo Photo will KAHPELİ THIS NAME Photo Minister Eroglu, who lived in Hakkari I spoke about our soldiers who were killed in the treacherous attack . he described the incident as a hit below the belt in Hakkari Eroglu, \"defenseless 3 of our soldiers were killed in the incident in Hakkari , our dear burned. The name is officially kahpeli . Those who believe God is always near . As we know, we are celebrating the Hijri New Year . Came to our Prophet migrated from Mecca to order and asked to be killed while migrating to Medina. As a result , our prophet and took refuge in a cave located next to saying that God was appeased with us. We also God with us. We will not submit to them , \"he said . Photo Photo DÜZCE YE 11 GOOD NEWS Photo of Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroglu, last year in Düzce the addition of 11 new projects launched in 13 projects also gave the good news . Photo Eroglu said that they have invested 5.8 billion pounds in Düzce ministry for 12 years \"This time we have not come empty-handed and we brought 11 new gospel. State Hydraulic Works as DSI 2 ponds, 1 pond reclamation , and will invest a total of 46 million 262 thousand 660 pounds , and 1 stream rehabilitation . Additionally, this work will be watered three thousand acres of land and Düzce city center and 3 districts will be protected from flooding . Akcakoca Altunçay Pond thousand 500 hectares of irrigated agricultural land will be provided . Cilimli Yenivakıf Pond thousand 500 hectares of irrigated agricultural land will be provided . Düzce Efteni Lake breeding to do. Düzce Central Karacahacımus Stream downstream portion will be reformed , \"he said . Photo Photo GOOD NEWS FOR GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF FORESTRY Photo Minister Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroglu, mentioning the precursory investment \"500 acres in 2014 afforestation in the area , rehabilitation, and soil conservation work done 56 thousand saplings will be planted . In 2014, 2 million 200 thousand seedlings will be produced in Düzce . 2014 Forest Honey Gölyaka will be installed and it works to be completed . 610 Walnut action plan within the framework of 12 thousand 200 acres of walnut seedlings will be planted . Almond action plan within the framework of 180 acres of almond trees will be planted 7 thousand 200 units . Forest villagers in 2013 to 695 thousand 750 pounds credit will be given , \"he said . Photo Photo NATURE CONSERVATION AND NATIONAL PARKS GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF GOOD NEWS Photo Minister Eroglu, Nature Conservation and National Parks told the good news of the Directorate and \"landscaping to Samandere Falls Natural Monument , environmental Embracing , the pathways , terraces , children's playgrounds , parking arrangements , country will be the casino and will be carried out while the maintenance and repair of toilets in existing buildings, \"he said .
Photo DÜZCE we did not like the BASIN FLOWERS Photo Minister Eroglu, highlighting the importance they give to Düzce \"We met with our whole unit managers meeting will do . We have prepared a 15-pack action plan to make the Düzce basin , such as flowers . I'll follow it personally . Our MPs and Provincial moment and the moment I get the report from our President, \"he said. The AK Party Photo Düzce deputy Osman Cakir, saying it would be better the next few days \"Politics is difficult to make an art. Düzce standing next to my pen to the Prime Minister now our President standing behind the case since its inception gives us a distinct joy. Everything will be much better with the next election , \"he said . Photo Photo ONE PROBLEM İSKİ The AK Party Duzce Deputy Arslan Photo Fevaca satisfied from the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry investment but the only problem is that they are expressed İSKİ \"We live in a beautiful province. In particular, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs is doing to us from the hands of the investment . The simplest example of making the Mamure Bridge over many years . But the only problem İSKİ and we want to resolve it, \"he said . Photo Photo ALL ISLAMIC WORLD US WATCHING Photo AK Party and Düzce Korkmaz MP Ibrahim eagerly Turkey the whole Islamic world follow stating that \"I say welcome to my first issue of our Minister and teacher. I tell my teacher because he was my teacher when I was a student at Istanbul Technical University . Very pleased with what he did . However, I was in Syria over the past days . Everyone knows the situation in Syria . I want you to know that only a party meeting of such meeting. These meetings Syria, Arakan , Egypt curiously watching all Islamic lands and the expectations we had . We must respond to these expectations , \"he said . Photo Photo STRONG ORGANIZATIONS SHOULD WE DO Photo AK Party Düzce Provincial Chairman was evaluated as follows congressional processes the text Kaşıkoğl:\"First martyr of child 3 homeland we want to state our sadness of being . This will prevent the peace process that we will not pass in front of us . In wanting to avoid the CHP and the BDP. We also have to be our strong organization. Nobody's orders not melting organizations . In this way we will be able to tell us we do not want the deputies from the sports toto in Ankara. In this way, we do not share in the success of the organization will be able to say he do not want the deputies . \"After Mayor gave various gifts of a Photo Minister Veysel Eroglu speech . He continued the meeting closed to the press . Photo

Minister Veysel Eroglu in Düzce" comments for.


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