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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:27

Minister Yıldız attended the inauguration Paravani Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Official talks from the Georgia Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, Anadolu Group has built Paravani attended the opening ceremony of the Hydroelectric Power Plant .

Tiflis news:
Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibaşvili also attended the ceremony in statements Taner Yildiz, the second country in coordination such a success signing is important , said:\"Such a project, the number of our President and Prime Minister greets along with came . themselves here too , especially in this project include'd want , but other programs at the moment because of Turkey's government , representing're here . Firstly, our engineers , technicians , our technicians , our workers and our entire staff would like to congratulate . both Turkey and Georgia on the side of such a project is successful to be able to , such coordination is accomplished extremely important. Paravani HEPP only an energy project is no longer at the same time two country's friendship, peace and brotherhood clinched , further strengthen the structure has become . Paravani hes ​​from the Kura River a depreseyl together with a project has been increased extremely efficient, effective project. Mr. Prime Minister, if you remember, about 20 days before it again a major project in Baku Azerbaijan , Georgia and Turkey in laying the foundation of an important project that concerns were found . Mr. Kakha Kaladze within 2 weeks was in Turkey , we then we are here , and these relationships further expand and will continue, \"he said.
Countries in the region join forces to invest more what you can save the Stars, \"the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan crude oil pipeline strengthening relations with Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline has become more effective and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will become an important part of it . All they actually join forces in the region , we show that we can do things much more efficiently . Turkey's Anadolu Group today a successful, proven and powers of the company . I see our many business people rejoicing today, Tuncay Bey alone without number , and wherein the success of the ceremony have been here to share the joy together . There are one and a half billion dollar trade volume between us . But to do this you increase the volume of trade and our need to strengthen . This sector, the energy sector will be. And we did last year connecting transmission lines connecting the ceremony again in this beautiful region had made a beautiful ceremony it was snowing. Now even red shades of green , while five of the seven have had the opportunity to see tons . A beautiful God-given geography and Georgia are able to see many blessings here . 1.2 billion dollar successful business man from Turkey , together with our competent employees the opportunity to invest where it is found . This Georgia an international capital , \"he said .
Hydroelectric Power Plant , who Anadolu Group thank the Stars, \"only neighboring and brotherly country Turkey, but also of international capital Georgian politics and the economy of the trust is . This is an extremely important topic , I think. ENTSO-E and interconnections of the EU member states that most of the western and eastern Turkey to the east of Turkey on the border in the far west transmission line has opened the border with Georgia . And makes it possible to transmit 1000 megawatts close . And 3 together with the main transmission line to Turkey and Georgia are interconnected electricity . You only need to know that there is an electrical trade . Every two countries can also go to different problems . The lights can be cut a day or two , but then they always come to the fore of the neighborhood . From Turkey to Georgia in summer and winter, the opposite may be possible that flow from Georgia to Turkey . Here it Paravani HPP will be one of the most important energy sources . I particularly Tuncay guys including all Georgian partners together who worked all my friends I thank you , congratulations , \"he said .
Official contacts in Georgia for the Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz hydroelectric power plant before the opening of the Georgian government and the Turkish company among the attended the signing ceremony . stars in the evening the Prime Minister of Georgia will be held with the participation of Iraqi Garibaşvili are expected to attend dinner .

Minister Yıldız attended the inauguration Paravani Hydroelectric Power Plant" comments for.


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