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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:59

Minister Yilmaz in Bingöl

Minister Yilmaz in Bingöl
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Several talks from the Bingol Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz,"Development would be in unity.

Bingöl news: Several talks from the Bingol Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz,"Development would be in unity.'s Just a cut, just a group, only the contribution of an institution is not able to perform the overall development,"he said.
Minister Yilmaz, in order to contribute to the development of urban governorates, municipalities, public institutions and agencies, non-governmental organization composed of business people with 'Bingol Development Platform' attended the meeting. Speaking at the meeting, the Minister Yilmaz, development, different views of all sectors coming together can be achieved by emphasizing,"Advanced regions, developed provinces when you look at all that you see. Feedback different, albeit different some areas they were working provinces, regions, on the development of unity that allows more is developing fast,"he said.
Development Minister Yılmaz attention can not be realized through public investment, drew attention to private sector investment. Minister Yilmaz,"Private investments are very important always want to underline a solution process we are experiencing the settlement process in our region Bingöl'ü our peace of mind strengthen the trust is a process, and all our people this process we are supporting. Hopefully, this solution process literally if it results in people's minds, no doubt hesitate when there will see this our regions investment environment too will heal. formerly as ever this region our tourists will come, investors will come in several segments of the qualified people in this area more comfortable future"he said.
"PUBLIC doing its part to"
in the area of ​​public investment will continue representing the Minister Yilmaz,"public falling on doing the last 10 years in any period is not far as the state of public investment as we are doing then making will continue. But the region's development, public investment not possible with . Turkey, see also in Turkey, a total of 100 pounds of investment are made, it's 80 pounds of the private sector, 20 pounds of the public sector is doing. these regions in our time we came unfortunately private sector investments do not see. But an atmosphere of peace consolidation when it is more to be seen. Bingol the potential of whatever it together well let's set. Investment our environment we recover. El unity with our investors Let us support private sector investment arttıralım,"he said.
"PLATFORM improve the investment environment will contribute to"
Then, while speaking Bingol Governor Ibrahim Taşyapı development platform, the improvement of the investment environment in the city, contribute in making accelerated and sustainable, he said. Governor Taşyapı that,"At this meeting, our city how reconstruct can our city what is the status? First, take a photograph, which then issues have imperfections, which focus on issues we have to give these issues discussed may, exchange ideas on bulunulacağı have created a platform. These platforms an exchange of views will primarily released today on a model a try because the consensus reached. How to be what we should do shape how we must to do it better if we could go to. the next state in this structure to institutionalize and institutional structure to continue our work will be. these structures our province investment environment improvement, accelerated and sustainable I believe in making contributions to offer,"he said.
then Bingol the speeches of Commerce and Industry (BİNTSO) leader Erkan Yilmaz Minister was presented a plaque by Çalbay. Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz
meeting, the AK Party Antalya Deputy Stone Bingöl, Bingöl Governor Ibrahim Taşyapı, the BİNTSO Çalbay Chairman Erkan, chief public institutions and representatives of civil society organizations.

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