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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:03

Minister Yilmaz, November Aso Attended Council Meeting

Minister Yilmaz, November Aso Attended Council Meeting
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Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz,"if we want to increase the added value of industry money, we have to produce products that are high,'' he said.

Ankara news: Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz,"the industry's increase the added value we want to provision high that produce the products we have to,'' he said.
Development Minister Yılmaz, Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) November Assembly attended the conference. Minister Yilmaz, meeting industrialists 10 . Development Plan briefed. various segments of the over 10 thousand people prepared in consultation with the National Development Plan has four axes installed on said Yilmaz,"The first of these 'qualified people, strong communities entitled' issue. Plan of the second axis' innovative production, stable high growth,"he said.
Plan industry is particularly stressed that the Minister stressed Yilmaz, the global crisis importance of the industry once again showed he said. Industry's real prices, when viewed in the national income share increased attention Minister Yilmaz, '' Price ridding If you look at the industry's growth, the economy grew faster than. therefore share of national income must be increased, but unlike the falls. Why? Prices are dropping from. Industry product prices, agriculture and service sector products less than their rise. Industry increase the added value we want to provision high who produce the products we have to,'' he said.
Plan's third axis'' livable spaces'' a related noted that the Minister Yilmaz,"It's about the essence of business urbanization are, urbanization,"he said.
the next 20-30 years in the world More number of people living in cities, indicating that Yilmaz, development on all developments in a venue realization stressed the importance. Plan builds on the last axis'' international cooperation'' noted that the Yilmaz,"Turkey on this issue around the economic basin needs to create. Turkey should reach to the aims of the question must constantly discussion. Global warming, rising energy costs less entry with the industrial production on the agenda was moved,"he said.
ASO President Nurettin Özdebir the September data regarding the announcement of the third quarter in the economy, albeit limited, a slowdown is closed, expressing the Year"in the last quarter was a slight revival in the economy. Result of the recovery in December persists in 3.5 percent with growth of over probability of closing is increasing,"he said.
Monetary Policy Committee at the last meeting the interest rates keep constant the decision had been taken and month repo auctions last, given that the Özdebir , said:
"This decision is a result of the actual market cost of funding has been withdrawn from the upper limit of the interest rate corridor. Reducing liquidity in the market, and the BRSA to limit credit card with installment sales growth rate of loans will slow down in the coming period. These decisions, maintain an attitude of prudent economic management in the face of global risk would indicate. The global economy may arise from the shocks we also prudently and in particular foreign exchange risk against the need to be careful is."
Unemployment of 9 percent over the pointed out that the Özdebir, slowdown in global growth in our country and the labor force participation rate to rise in the unemployment a period of higher Watch said. Özdebir,"on the other hand increased labor force participation rate, we can not find people to work in the industry. Ministry of Development of employment in the industry on how to make it attractive to believe that the duties fall. Doing Busines 2014 report on ease of doing business in our country ranks 69th of 189 countries. Ease of opening the business in the 93, 148 in the ease of obtaining construction permits, 86 in access to credit, payment of taxes in the 71-friendliness, ease of doing foreign trade in the 86th, in the completion of bankruptcy are 130'unc ranks. 2013 reports since electricity service connected, construction permit taking and investor protection areas with the arrangements made progress while saving the workplace when opening the required minimum amount of capital raising and transfer of title in the transaction costs by increasing decline was recorded,"he said.

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