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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 19:01

Ministers from Güllüce \"Pinwheel \"Parable

Ministers from Güllüce \
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Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce , asking young people to be hopeful , \"This windmill , this is our foot in the 1920s with sinister sandals even when we can not deal with this now we're in ? One of the ways young people are very firm .

Bursa news: God willing, this country will develop . This bread nobody shrink too , \"he said .
Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce , Bursa contacts within the framework of the AK Party provincial offices visited . Everyone in this country bread more growth they want representing the Minister Güllüce ,\"our table we put the bread get bigger . Countries want to increase the volume . One orphan, the poor , widows , orphans do not want . It was nice about things . Was moving too fast . Very social amenities were provided. Leave the homeless in Turkey , a Turkey that we have with the world's orphans . European, American, Asian and African countries, Turkey seems to be a shining star . The world's mischief foci , where Turkey estimates that in 2023 , they remove the corruption in our country are busy . But the sinister result of them not could gain . It will exceed 77 million people . We will continue to move this bread magnification . We will continue to resolve the uncertainty . We will continue to airports . Fast trains will continue to make bridges throat . Yoksulumuz us , is impossible, and our , our students currently what we were doing so much good we're doing , \"he said .
\"Corruption in vain sinister to you , \"said Minister Güllüce words said:
\"Anatolian people rose up . Nobody is stopping this car is not possible any more . This country is a strong country . This nation is a strong nation . It's fesatlıg mischief with 3-5 , 3-5 countries threw the fingers in this country will not do anything to attempt to confuse . It was uncomfortable for the moment , we're sorry . I wish I had not , we say, but everyone is so robust that we are a nation , we are a strong country , you know that the future is very bright . Especially young ! Your future is very bright . Be hopeful . I can not nail a ülkeyk shield is a country we're now making aircraft . We are a country that now we're on our own destroyers . With universities in every province , and even a few at a provincial university, we became a country . This windmill this fasitlik the 1920s with the sinister , even in the 1930s in this country, we're coping without sandals on our feet , now you will not go ? For that reason , young people make very strong . God willing, this country will develop . No one can not reduce this bread . \"

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