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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:31

Ministers from the Urban Renewal Call Güllüce

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Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce , municipal urban renewal by urging , \"We need to accelerate urban renewal .

Bursa news: I say without taking any party . Let our mayor mobilization . Let them come together roadmap'll decide , \"he said .
Minister Idris Güllüce in Bursa, visit the Governor Munir Karaloğlu'nun visiting began. Bursa municipalities in Turkey addressed to the Minister Güllüce , urban transformation relevant only in Bursa , not all need to start mobilization in Turkey , adding that \"6.5 million buildings unhealthy building our inventory . Engineering services have seen , not quality , outdated. This does not suit Turkey leading to the 2023 vision , as well as the risk of earthquakes there . When we bring the two together and we need to accelerate urban renewal . I say without taking any party . Let our mayor declared mobilization . Urban transformation faire preparations . Let them come together we'll determine the road map . Let's urban transformation in Turkey more . Currently the number of visits to our ministry is growing with each passing day . A week ago, the municipality signed a protocol with Geremi and Ceyhan , \"he said.
Structure of audit firms would increase audits of recurrent Güllüce Minister said:
\"Turkey is thought to be enough to control the structure . I told them yesterday in Istanbul . Now you have two choices . Building inspection is not done well . Such perception . Then you need to do to change this perception of supervisors . No, the correct perception , building inspection is not good. Then we need to audit our building inspectors are good . This time we will start building inspections more serious inspection . Here I announce to friends supervisory structure . We are a more yaşamayalım August 17 . Output Act , we need to do it properly . We respect that good , do a great sense of oppression and the punishment will be severe . \"
Güllüce , building inspection firms penalties will be given to the question about what is,\"There are laws in this regard . We will apply them verbatim . The maximum penalty , the citizens did not feel that that man will be punished us .'This guy does not do a good job'; it will be the biggest punishment . People are doing your job properly , we also work with this Let's not . We have been doing business for money . Of course, here are said to be a wrong perception . The injustice should not be done . Our brothers are quite a lot that job properly . I'm talking about those who do not work properly . Or get up and structure of audit firms would be unfair to say that about all of them . The majority are well done . Our warning to non-us well \"replied .
Bursa's industrial Güllüce representing the Minister will listen to the question ,\"In many ways intertwined with the municipalities ministry . Today in Bursa will evaluate these issues , \"he said .
Güllüce Minister , then Mayor Recep visited Altepe'ye .

Ministers from the Urban Renewal Call Güllüce" comments for.


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