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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 18:35

Ministers in Ercis Bozdag

Ministers in Ercis Bozdag
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Justice and Development Minister Bekir Bozdag, several visits in the town of Ercis in Van found .

Van news: Justice and Development Minister Bekir Bozdag, Van Ercis several visits found .
Van program after the Ercis came to the ongoing construction of the new courthouse observations in the Justice and Development Minister Bekir Bozdag, in the county working with judges and prosecutors met . Then go to the party together with the AK Party District Chairman of the Bozdag, Ercis always a goal for themselves , he said . Bozdag, \"Van, our governments during the very important investments received . Only in Van , but everywhere our governments revealed that the performance of examples shows itself ,\"he said .
In his speeches in the province earthquake Referring to Bozdag, \"Van'ı , our Erciş'i our large earthquakes suffered. Allah is one more such suffering disasters come alive . government as a pain relieve the can , but the rest of the wound heal serious steps was fair . Van 15 quadrillion invested . Only after the earthquake two years, 6.5 quadrillion invested . Ercis , Van and disaster Locations exposed reconstruction was . these our government for our nation revealed that the effort is a result of , \"he said.
in Ercis ongoing construction of the new courthouse building on October 2 completed and will be opened as well as judges and prosecutors meet the needs of Minister stating that the new housing built in the Bozdag, \"Turkey, 12 years, thanks to the powerful ruling has scored great success . Greater peace and stability continued as long as the services will be implemented , \"he said

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