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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:37

Ministers in Trabzon Müezzinoğlu

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Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu , drug-related action plan within the framework of the Council of Ministers meeting early next week to finalize doing , he said.

Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu , drug-related action plan within the framework of the Council of Ministers meeting early next week to finalize doing , he said.
a number of investigations and visits there the yesterday evening came to Trabzon Minister Müezzinoğlu today Trabzon Governorship , Trabzon Municipality visited .
Governor Abdil Jalil Oz authorities in the opinion of Ministers Müezzinoğlu , where his statement Turkey's health center to be carry on the work , said:\"Over the past 10-12 years health transformation project, 77 million people in the country of our health in terms of very strong , easily accessible , existing in the world all the services strives to provide the tried and largely successful we were . Each more and more new developed pursuit of're running . Turkey's , in a health center to be the name of health tourism a strong infrastructure to establish and in this sense certain areas of our self-owned properties by emphasizing , 2017 and 2018'l the years of all regions , in health tourism what strategic roles that , the planning and evaluation are doing. it for about 2 months provinces of our programs are doing, \"he said.
Governor Abdil Jalil Self, Minister Müezzinoğlu to the city job silver art process filigree made ​​fiddle was a gift.
Minister Müezzinoğlu then Trabzon Mayor Orhan Fevzi visited Gümrükçüoğlu'na . Ministers Müezzinoğlu , \"the fight against smoking and bad habits that we suffer from . Therefore, next Monday the Council of Ministers will be finalized for 2 months 7 ministry with our work we Drug Action Plan have ,\"he said .
Minister Müezzinoğlu , the ministry next term studies a strong pillar in the local administrators to do with what they want to express \"Especially the local managers of our health who served in a sister is clean it for us specific projects in the development of much more important. , World Health Organization now health multisectoral is described as . we as a ministry that is stronger our feet Besides our responsibility to the other leg also want to strengthen . these responsibilities one of our health problems with our people, the ideal treatment to world-class standards in our country to win. Others responsibility healthier generation healthy individuals, healthy families and healthy communities concept of country our people to attribute and in this sense the dynamics of shape . Healthy Eating and Activity for this 2014 Year said. For this reason, we are struggling with the fight against smoking and bad habits . For this reason, the Council of Ministers will be finalized next Monday , 2 months, 7 Drug Action Plan we work with our ministry there . I hope with all our local manager will be very different strategies and projects . A number of projects will support them to do . We'll make them a part to support us . Because with all segments of citizens and local governments 24 hours ; pregnant mother , the elderly uncle , deal with a disability . With young children are together . Responsibility towards people with their problems . Our young people , our children , the disabled of our elderly and healthy service to receive on behalf of healthy cities we need , \"he said .
Following the visit, the Minister Müezzinoğlu to the President GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU by a silver-embroidered pitcher was a gift. Minister Müezzinoğlu later in Trabzon held at the hotel'Provincial Health Services Monitoring and Evaluation Study'attended the meeting . meeting took place in a closed press .

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